Recent Releases

0.8.413 Oct 2015 12:45 minor bugfix: : Stack overflow on parsing malformed IPv6 addresses with. More than eigtht quads. Thanks to Alexander Klink for the report! Soname: 1:20:0.
0.8.305 Oct 2015 22:45 minor bugfix: : uriCompareRange reported NULL pointer and range of length zero as equal, by mistake. Thanks to Robert Kausch and his Coverity report. : Use-after-free in out-of-memory code of uriMakeOwner. Thanks to Chris Hills and his Klocwork-based report (). Soname: 1:19:0.
0.8.229 Apr 2015 01:25 minor bugfix: Fixed: Broken conversion from/to Windows network shares Fixed: Limit uriCompareRange return values to -1/0/1. As a side effect, this fixes the test suite for AArch64. Fixed: MinGW Makefile: LIB_DIR fixed from ../../lib leftover to ../../src. Fixed: Add missing NULL checks to UriStringToFilename. Changed: Leave inlining decisions to GCC. Soname: 1:18:0.
0.8.121 Oct 2014 13:45 minor bugfix: Fixed sync URI_VER_* preprocessor defines (were at 0.7.6, bug #23) Fixed bug in internal function that may flip uriEqualsUri results around. Added the function uriAddBaseUriEx allowing to resolve URIs with a scheme identical to that of the base URI to resolve against as if the URI to resolve had no scheme specified, when flag URI_RESOLVE_IDENTICAL_SCHEME_COMPAT is specified. New soname 1:17:0.