Battle for Wesnoth 1.14.7

The Battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy and turn-based tactical strategy game. It features single-player campaigns and online multiplayer combat. Players build an army by controlling villages, quiring gold and fighting enemies for experience and growing new abilities. There different unit types with varying abilities, six major factions, weapons and spells. Maps can be customized, and scripting for new factions and campaigns is simple.

Tags c++ lua sdl game turn-based strategy
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.14.709 Sep 2019 21:45 minor feature: A Tale of Two Brothers: S3: Changed castle to permanent chaotic ToD and rebalanced scenario accordingly. S4: Added dialogue between Baran and Tairach when they engage in combat. Dead Water: S3: Added event to make Storm Trident more obvious. Descent into Darkness: Complete revision of all dialogue and story text. Revised and rebalanced gameplay in all scenarios. S3 and S11: New scenarios completely rewritten from scratch. Eastern Invasion: S1: Removed early finish bonus for fleeing. S2: Modified Dacyn s dialogue upon undead arrival. S7a: Require Dacyn to cross the river. S9: add snow to map. S10: show objectives after defeating enemy leaders. S11: show objectives after finding gold and releasing prisoners. Legend of Wesmere: Disabled side shuffling in MP (checking the box does nothing). Fixed missing persistent data at the end of chapter 3. Rebalanced gold values in all scenarios. S3: remove shroud from enemy sides upon Kalenz s arrival. S4: (MP only) free Cleodil at scenario start. Northern Rebirth: Eryssa now must survive if she joins the player. Father Morvin and Sister Thera will now respawn at Tallin s location if they die to prevent illogical gameplay. Gold in S10-13 is adjusted if Krash is dead. S1: Spawn 2 Troll Whelps instead of 4 and a normal Troll. S4: Have Hamel describe Ghouls if Camerin is dead. S5: Add gates to map instead of images and overlays. S8: add text and updated objectives when rescuing Eryssa. S12a: Update objectives to make it clear that gold is not received if Sisal dies. The Rise of Wesnoth: Fixed various typos. S17c: Modified Burin s description of trolls. The South Guard: Fixed various typos. Tutorial: Remove swamp from map for part 2 Warn player about water when stepping on any shallow water hex. Change quintain to level 0. Allow Konrad and Li sar to level up and add corresponding dialogue for part 2 Under the Burning Suns: Added embellishments to various maps User interface changes and improvements Multiplayer fixes
1.14.318 Jun 2018 00:06 minor feature: AI Fixed crash in presence of units with negative hitpoints (issue #3042). Efficiency improvements to filter evaluations in the Goto Micro AI and some AI helper functions Campaigns Dead Water: Fix possibility of villagers blocking pickup of sword in S10 The Flaming Sword (issue #3207). Descent Into Darkness: New Parthyn map in S1 and S6. Northern Rebirth: Reduced starting gold and income in scenarios 10 to 13 Secrets of the Ancients: Fix S09 Training Session not ending when all dark adepts die (issue #3192) Tutorial: S2: made enemy starting gold equal to that of the player. Under the Burning Suns: Added portrait and updated sprite for Giant Ant. Language and i18n Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, French, Italian, Japanese, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish Multiplayer server Fixed lan_server option not causing the server to exit once vacated, e.g. when using the Host Networked Game option from the Multiplayer menu in the game (issue #3206). Music and sound effects The music now changes immediately when you load a save file (issue #2602). Fixed Lua errors when setting a music track that cannot be found when the playlist is already empty, e.g. if there's no music installed for the game (issue #3194). WML engine Removed validation to ensure units cannot have negative hitpoints. We learned that the ability to create such units is documented, and thus disallowing it was an API change. Since API changes aren't allowed in the stable branch, we have reverted it. Miscellaneous and bug fixes Fixed an occasional crash at the loading screen related to multi-thread access of the image cache. kill animate=yes no longer scrolls to units through fog or shroud, thus matching 1.12's behavior again. message displays the unit type name when a nameless unit speaks and no custom caption= is specified (issue #3211).
1.13.1113 Feb 2018 16:45 minor feature: Add-ons client: Added an order dropdown that allows you to sort add-ons by the time of latest update or original upload. Campaigns: An Orcish Incursion: New story art. A Tale of Two Brothers: Add a full set of hints on easy difficulty. Delfador's Memoirs: Iliah-Malal can now be killed by either undead or Delfador in S19. S19 has been rebalanced to increase difficulty and allow player enemy to field more units. Descent into Darkness: Endless Night' now has accurate improved scenario objectives. It also has received improvements in dialog, map appearance, and difficulty. S08/S09 A Small Favor 2/3 - preventing door operation/usage. Multiplayer: Rename the Khalifate to the Dunefolk, as well as renaming all the faction's units. Language and i18n: Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Italian, Spanish. Performance: GUI2 windows no longer redraw everything 50 times per second. This reduces CPU usage in fullscreen windows such as MP lobby by about 85 . Miscellaneous low-level optimizations in game rendering code, improving performance ingame by up to 50 . Miscellaneous and : Suggested save file names now use spaces instead of underscores. crash after canceling add-on download. ingame help showing units you haven't encountered. recalls updating shroud immediately when "Delay Shroud Updates" is set. not being able to undo previous moves after entering planning mode.
1.13.1012 Oct 2017 17:05 minor feature: Campaigns: Delfador's Memoirs: Clarified and objectives in many places. Improved appearance and flow of dialog in several places. Some minor gameplay changes to improve the story. Delfador now progresses properly from Mage Journeyman to Elder Mage. some other. S07, A Night in the Swamp has been rebalanced on easy hard. S09, Houses of the Dead, has been rebalanced. S18, The Portal of Doom, has been rebalanced. Iliah-Malal is now an Ancient Lich in S18 19. Language and i18n: Updated translations: British English.
1.13.923 Sep 2017 09:45 minor feature: Campaigns: Reordered beginner campaigns to be friendlier to new players. Delfador's Memoirs: Replaced incorrect 'Defeat all enemies' objectives with more specific. Defeat all enemy leaders'. Increased difficulty, clarified objectives, improved feel of S21 S22. Riders are now guaranteed to go for a signpost in S21 on all levels. Heir to the Throne: thieves in 'Siege of Elensefar' getting duplicated. Void Armor not doing anything. Secrets of the Ancients: delay when additional enemies appear in S21. when finding bird bones reported here: t=46480#p614781. Under the Burning Suns: crash in 'Out of the Frying Pan'. New unit sprites: Quenoth Mystic line, Quenoth Flanker line, Flesh Golem. Balance changes to the Quenoth elves; see full changelog for details. Graphics: Added portrait for Giant Rat. transparency artifacts in scaled portraits and other message images. Language and i18n: Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified), Italian, Polish, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish. Multiplayer: When set to remember your password, Wesnoth now encrypts it. It is still possible to obtain the password from preferences, but it's no longer as trivial as before. where leader can become unable to be killed. Performance: Rewrote the FPS cap implementation. This greatly improves smoothness ingame. Each invalidated hex is now only redrawn once, not twice. This almost halves CPU usage ingame. Implemented GUI canvas caching. It speeds up multiple areas, but especially the story screen. User Interface: loyal and aged traits missing from help. Unit recall dialog now sorts the units by both level and required XP for their next level-up. team selection screen often ignoring attempts to scroll. Miscellaneous and : programmatically killed unit flashing after its death animation. On GNU/Linux the game no longer minimizes when it loses focus in fullscreen mode.
1.13.814 May 2017 19:45 minor feature: Under the Burning Suns: New sprites for Quenoth Youth (Kaleh and Nym) and Human Commander. Graphics: Portraits for many Walking Corpse and Soulless race variants. New animations: Dwarvish Fighter idle. Language and i18n: Updated translations: British English, Chinese (Simplified), Lithuanian, Slovak, Spanish. User Interface: Double-clicking an add-on now installs, updates, uninstalls or publishes it depending on the situation. Load Game dialog now shows current gold and number of units. Miscellaneous and : base animation showing on walking corpse soulless bats.
1.13.719 Mar 2017 12:45 minor feature: AI: a performance regression in complex combat situations such as the. Oath of Allegiance" UMC campaign. Campaigns: Eastern Invasion: In 'Weldyn Besieged', redesigned the way in which revealing the identities of the liches works. Heir to the Throne: allowing the wrong person to receive the Sceptre of Fire. inconsistencies in Li'sar's sprites and animations when she has the scepter. Secrets of the Ancients: New campaign added to mainline (Intermediate level, 21 scenarios). The Hammer of Thursagan: New sprites for Dwarvish Witness line. Under the Burning Suns: difficulty levels with the original units not working. Various balancing changes, and improvements to the new units; see full changelog for more details. Graphics: New or improved sprites: Royal Warrior, Walking Corpse line wolf variation. Improved terrain graphics: lava, volcano, lightbeam. glitches between various mountain tiles (introduced in 1.13.3). Language and i18n: Updated translations: British English, Czech, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Scottish Gaelic. Multiplayer: New maps: 2p Clearing Gushes, 2p Hellhole, 2p Ruined Passage, 2p Ruphus Isle, 2p Swamp of Dread, 2p The Walls of Pyrennis, 2p Tombs of Kesorak, 4p Bath of Glory, 4p Geothermal. Updated maps: Fallenstar Lake. User Interface: List boxes now keep the selected item visible when you change the sorting option. Miscellaneous and : severe lag/freeze on slow PCs.
1.13.606 Nov 2016 03:16 minor feature: AI: Added new high_xp_attack candidate action to default AI. This CA performs attacks on enemy units so to leveling that the default AI's combat CA would not attack them. Significantly improve move times for AI sides with many guardians. A variety of for incorrect or failing AI behavior. Campaigns: Eastern Invasion: Tweaked the balance of Scenario 2. Delfador's Memoirs: S9: Resolved inability to end level even when Delfador has the Staff. Heir to the Throne: Entire campaign: Major cleanup for and logic errors. S05b ('Isle of the Damned'): Temples randomized, Moremirmu can now appear in any. S06 ('The Siege of Elensefar'): The thieves are more logical when joining Konrad. S07 ('Crossroads'): The number of ambushes reduces for each enemy leader killed in S01 ('The Elves Besieged'). S08 ('The Princess of Wesnoth'): Reworked the map and added new AI behavior. S13 ('Dwarven Doors'): Added snowfall based upon how many turns it took to complete S12 ('Northern Winter'). S20b ('Underground Channels'): New sub-quest added: Help the Wose. S22 ('Return to Wesnoth') Under certain conditions, Gryphons will appear to assist Konrad. Under the Burning Suns: Redesign of all desert elf units (currently optional, selectable through the difficulty menu). Graphics: New sprite for Tentacle of the Deep. Tweaked colors for all time schedules. Language and i18n: Updated translations: Finnish, Polish, Russian. Music and sound effects: Added a preference to pause the music when the game loses focus. Now the music fades out between scenarios. Performance: When a heuristic determines that it's probably faster, the game predicts battle outcome by simulating a few thousand fights instead of calculating exact probabilities. This method is inexact, but in very complex battles. extremely high HP, drain, slow, berserk, etc.) it's significantly faster than the default damage calculation method. Improved UI responsiveness. Units: Changed the sound for the melee attack of the Loyalist Bowman, Orcish Cros
1.13.530 Jul 2016 22:05 minor feature: Campaigns: Heir to the Throne: New sprites for Li'sar. S10: Clarify objectives and change egg image on capture. S19c: Removed the undead and the swamps. Language and i18n: Updated translations: British English, Galician, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, RACV, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish. User interface: Mage of Light halo appearing in the top-left corner of the screen while the mage is moving. Observers icon appearing behind other top bar items in MP games on horizontal UI resolutions Advanced - Logging) loggers activated in the gui print just like loggers activated in the command line (i.e. messages appear in the console). Increased the font size for text in buttons. Changed unit help topics to use smaller images on smaller monitors. Miscellaneous and : Allow changing keybindings for scrolling the map. Nightstalk ability not working). Multiplayer. Added "Registered users only" checkbox to multiplayer configuration dialog which when checked, only allows registered users to join the game.
1.12.619 May 2016 10:45 minor feature: Campaigns: Legend of Wesmere: recruit lists for AI sides in MP mode. Made it so the campaign displays an error and aborts when started with Shuffle Sides enabled in MP mode. Language and i18n: Updated translations: British English, Galician, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, RACV, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish. User interface: minimap buttons appearing without contents or in the wrong state when the game window is resized, when using decommands to toggle fog and/or shroud, and probably a lot of other occurrences that are now covered by a proper on top of the quick hacks shipped with versions 1.11.16 and 1.12.3. MP lobby games list coming up empty when Invert is checked while Apply Filter is not. Observers icon appearing behind other top bar items in MP games on horizontal UI resolutions 1024. ToD schedule progress indicator appearing behind other top bar items on vertical UI resolutions 600. Miscellaneous and : Revert all updates to hot-key handling which broke letter-based short-cuts on non-US keyboard layouts, where characters are in different key locations. false positive OOS messages in replay when replaying games from an older Wesnoth version. saving the game during a replay creating corrupt saves.
1.13.410 Mar 2016 07:25 minor feature: Language and i18n: Updated translations: British English, Russian. Miscellaneous and : non-deterministic crashes in the Attack Unit dialog (regression introduced in 1.13.3).
1.13.306 Mar 2016 19:05 minor feature: SDL 2 is now used by default when building. This the following, among others: Color cursors cause slow mouse movement at menus. Cursor not mapping correctly on Retina display when in windowed mode. UI graphics garbled on Apple OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Graphics: Improved or new terrain graphics: Stones with Sand Drifts, Igloo Village, Adobe Village. Added option to scale all text up by up to 4x. Added option for toggling off water animations to Preferences - Display. Language and i18n: New translation: Asturian. Updated translations: British English, Galician, Russian, Swedish. Miscellaneous and : the new log code on Windows to actually use Unicode-aware functions in a couple of places so Wesnoth does not quit on startup when trying to relocate the log file to a path with Unicode characters. Decreased high memory consumption caused by the animated water.
1.13.211 Dec 2015 07:05 minor feature: Campaigns: Delfador's Memoirs: Added defeat condition for death of the last undead veteran in. Showdown in the Northern Swamp'. Under the Burning Suns: Gave Garak a new ability called Teaching (at the start of every turn, his experience points are transferred to adjacent units on the same side). Graphics: New animated water. Language and i18n: Updated translations: British English, French, Galician, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, RACV, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish. crashes during start-up on Windows resulting from add-ons containing erroneous textdomain declarations. Music and sound effects: Updated music track "Frantic", new one by Stephen Rozanc. New sounds: dwarf hit and die, ink, mud fist and glob. User interface: Added a version dialog button to the title screen, replacing the Paths option previously found in Preferences - General. Added an interface to hide labels placed by certain players or belonging to certain categories (such as village names). By default, labels placed by ignored players are hidden. You can override this using the above interface. Miscellaneous and : Made Documents My Games WesnothX.Y the default user config+data dir on Windows to replace the broken userdata default that has never been acceptable practice. Portable installs are now required to explicitly use. or.. (e.g. `--config-dir. userdata`) to force the user config+data dir path to be relative to the current working dir. OOS on random maps, where clients placed sides in different castles. possibility of corrupting saved games in certain instances, eg if an add-on tries to set an invalid variable. Enhanced tab completion in text boxes for friends and for easier whispers answer. Cancel Orders not working when loading MP game. load game hot-key not working in the main menu. Added user's leave notification for ingame players. broken Oasis terrain help entry. cases of wrong unit type used in planning moves. Avoid crash when planning moves on planned recruits.
1.12.506 Nov 2015 10:25 minor feature: Campaigns: Eastern Invasion: scenario events not working right on easy difficulty in 'Captured'. Legend of Wesmere. carryover in scenarios 5-12. units missing from carryover, units appearing twice on map...). Language and i18n: Updated translations: British English, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish. crashes during start-up on Windows resulting from add-ons containing erroneous textdomain declarations. User interface: Force uniform font rendering settings across X11 and Apple OS X, avoiding color glitches resulting from incorrect applications of subpixel hinting. Miscellaneous and : OOS on random maps, where clients placed sides in different castles. broken Oasis terrain help entry. cases of wrong unit type used in planning moves. Avoid crash when planning moves on planned recruits.
1.12.426 Jun 2015 19:25 minor bugfix: Security fixes: Disallowed WML inclusion of.pbl files with a non-lowercase extension too.
1.12.313 Jun 2015 16:25 minor feature: Security fixes: Disallowed inclusion of.pbl files from WML. Editor: Fixed memory corruption bug in the Side Setup dialog. Language and i18n: Updated translations: Chinese (Simplified), Galician, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish. Multiplayer: A New Land: Removed the ability to select individual factions when using map settings as this breaks player recruit lists. Removed the Silver Mage from the available leaders for the Rebels faction in Age of Heroes. Fixed "Accept whispers from friends only" not working with the default lobby UI, and added a warning every 5 minutes for individual rejected senders. User interface: Fixed minimap buttons appearing without contents or in the wrong state during WML start events until they are interacted with or control is given to the player for the first time or some other unspecified thing happens. Fixed unit bars, ellipses, and orbs disappearing for individual units in replay mode when using Skip Animations/Quick Replays if they moved without attacking or otherwise switching to a new animation. Chat Log dialog now starts on the last log page when there are multiple pages. Miscellaneous and bug fixes: Made silence.ogg larger to work around a crash involving the multiplayer lobby with music and sound enabled with libvorbis builds affected by Debian.
1.13.018 Apr 2015 18:45 major feature: Security fixes: Fixed arbitrary file read from WML/Lua API. Add-ons client: The Update All button is now displayed on all Add-on Manager views instead of just the Upgradable filter view, and enabled only when there is at least one add-on that may be upgraded. Campaigns: Use the new bigmaps for A Tale of Two Brothers, Delfadors Memoirs, The Hammer of Thursagan, Northern Rebirth and the epilogue of Legend of Wesmere. Descent into Darkness:. Fixed various issues with player and enemy gold and income in. Descent into Darkness'. Fixed Darken Volk's ellipse in scenarios 'A Small Favor part 3' and. Alone at Last'. Fixed Darken Volk being completely passive in 'Alone at Last'. Return to Parthyn' now has variable content depending on whether necromancy was used in 'Saving Parthyn'. Eastern Invasion:. In 'Captured', stolen gold won't be mentioned if the player had no carryover gold. Updated maps for scenario 14, 16 and 17b. New animation for Ravanal's shadow wave. Added the Skeleton Rider line. New map for 'Mal-Ravanal's Capital', as well as updated maps for scenario 2 and 4b. Tweaked and rebalanced all scenarios up to 'Two Paths'. Heir to the Throne:. Tweaked and expanded music playlists for all scenarios. Hide unit variations that should not be listed in the help browser. Liberty: Fixed possibility of no viable routes around guards in 'Hide and Seek'. Tweaked resistances for the Skeleton Rider line. Northern Rebirth:. Fixed Sister Thera and Father Morvin respawning into the recall list if the other is on the north or west map edges. Sister Threa and Father Morvin will no longer speak dialog on their death after 'The Pursuit'. The maps for 'Infested Caves', 'Clearing the Mines', and 'The Pursuit' have been completely redone. All scenarios up to 'Old Friend' have been significantly tweaked and rebalanced. Son of the Black Eye: S2: adjusted starting villages; scenario now ends if Kapou'e is already on the signpost when the messenger comes back. S3: make objectives consistent b
1.12.210 Apr 2015 04:25 minor feature: Security fixes: Fixed arbitrary file read by WML/Lua API. Campaigns: Use the new bigmaps for A Tale of Two Brothers, Delfadors Memoirs, The Hammer of Thursagan, Northern Rebirth and the epilogue of Legend of Wesmere. Language and i18n: Updated translations: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Galician, German, Polish, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish. Miscellaneous and bug fixes: Fix OOS when undoing after deactivating delayed shroud updates. Eliminate local carryover info retained by clients when transitioning in MP campaigns, which seems to cause OOS and wrong carryover gold.
1.12.124 Jan 2015 07:25 minor feature: Campaigns: Heir to the Throne: Tweaked and expanded music playlists for all scenarios. Hide unit variations that should not be listed in the help browser. Liberty: Fixed possibility of no viable routes around guards in 'Hide and Seek'. The Rise of Wesnoth: Hide unit variations that should not be listed in the help browser. Under the Burning Suns: Hide unit variations that should not be listed in the help browser. Help browser: Unit types that do not include any visible (hide_help=no) variations no longer generate topic sections. Language and i18n: Updated translations: French, Portuguese, Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish. Multiplayer: Fixed the Set Password option during game creation not having an effect due to a misplaced WML attribute in the client's command for the server bug #23015). Units: Assigned capitalized translatable names to Walking Corpse and Soulless variations (bug #22902). Miscellaneous and bug fixes: Fixed hotkeys for changing tips in titlescreen. Disallowed toggling Delayed Shroud Updates when not the player's turn as it causes OOS.
1.12.016 Nov 2014 03:16 minor feature: Language and i18n: Updated translations: German, Russian.
1.11.1909 Nov 2014 03:29 minor bugfix: Campaigns: Legend of Wesmere: Ka lian under attack: fixed more issues due to new map size. Ka lian under attack: fixed two issues with fog. This fixes bug #22880. Elves Last Stand: fixed not all elvish leaders being able to recruit. Elves Last Stand: fixed bugs in Olurf and Olurf's party arrival. Bounty Hunters: fixed several coordinate issues due to new map size. Cliffs of Thoria: fixed so that yetis can be seen moving in hole in fog. Fixed player team name in several scenarios. Fixed player side carryover in several scenarios. Language and i18n: Updated translations: Czech, Galician, German, Italian, Portuguese, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish.
1.11.1711 Oct 2014 21:55 minor bugfix: Gameplay and map fixes, updated translations.