Recent Releases

4.2.018 Feb 2024 21:21 minor feature: Elwood himself has contributed a new option that lets you switch XEphem from giving your telescope J2000 coordinates to giving it equinox-of-date coordinates. Sky View: the mouse wheel now zooms the view in and out. Sky View: DSS image download has been fixed by upgrading to HTTPS, and the window should no longer awkwardly resize once the image arrives. Data Download: added the URL of the Celestrak visual.txt file. Data Download: replaced with modern HTTPS. Data Field Stars: François Meyer added support for the ucac5 catalog. The precession formula has been updated to the one from the 2000 Astronomical Almanac. A couple of compilation problems on modern Mac machines have been fixed. XEphem now uses more modern SSL setup routines if the code detects it s being compiled against OpenSSL 1.1. Closing the INDI window with your window manager s Close button no longer crashes XEphem. All references to have been changed to their new hostname . A few other small fixes.