Anweddol 2.1.2

Anweddol is a open-source client/server system providing temporary, SSH-controllable virtual machines to enhance anonymity online. It’s usefulness comes when someone wants to use a fully functional computer while being exposed to less dangers by using it remotely on a dedicated server, and by destroying it after use. The project includes the client and server implementation. Check out the website for more :

Tags emulator python console posix windows end-users developers system-administrators
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.1.222 Nov 2023 10:14 minor feature: Anweddol-client : - Added the possibility to ignore SSL errors with web client Anweddol-server : - Added web server `stop_on_shutdown_signal` feature ; - Minor bug fied on DESTROY web request handling ; - Modified web features documentation ; - Minor modifications ;
beta-1.2.817 Jul 2023 09:04 minor feature: Anweddol-client : - Minor modifications on CLI and setup Anweddol-server : - Added absolute executable paths in for distro support