Any 0.10.15

any is generic engine to build packaged software for different platforms, package managers and development politics, using single specification file or several unified files. The main targets of the engine are distributions of the entire operation systems and large stacked products like desktop environments, toolchains or isolated file systems. any is written in shell and uses minimalistic set of utils, everything POSIX-conformant, besides support for sort -V. All the work is done inside local user-owned directory. Build scripts for packages are written in shell as well, designed to be clear, short and sane. Rules to write the builds are described by versioned and documented API. The support of new platform or environment for a distro project inside any can be added with new shell files, dropped in library directory. They do not mix with the existing ones, thus portability extension does not bloat the previous code.

Tags build-tool unix-shell console posix developers
License ISC
State initial

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