LibAxl 0.7.3

LibAxl is an efficient implementation of the XML 1.0 standard specification. It doesn't have any external library dependencies, having a clean implementation based on opaque types and a consistent API to manipulate your XML documents without compromising your code. It is extremely memory efficient and thread safe with a small footprint (111k). It also includes XML Namespaces support.

License GNU LGPL
State mature

Recent Releases

0.7.324 Aug 2022 14:02 minor feature: * fix Added oficial support for debian bullseye, debian buster, ubuntu focal, ubuntu bionic. * fix Added deferred deallocation support for axlhash. * fix Improved regression tests and bug fixes
0.7.226 Aug 2016 23:38 minor feature: - Added official support to debian jessie, ubuntu xenial and centos 7. - Minor corrections
0.7.128 Aug 2015 10:53 minor feature: - Added official support for FreeBSD (updated and fixed compilation process to support it). - Added minor updates to axl-knife
0.7.030 Apr 2015 12:30 security: Fixed memory allocation inside axlStringFactory. Added CentOS packages support.
0.6.917 Feb 2015 16:20 minor feature: Minor stable release that includes a memory leak fix and a missing check while handling NULL values in some cases at string hashing code.