Recent Releases

3.0.709 Jan 2024 01:07 minor feature:
2.1.506 Dec 2019 06:29 minor feature: * In `` Increase / Decrease '' in Preferences `` 1 step of display magnification (100 or less) '', When a negative value is specified, the current display magnification * (-specified value) / 100 is increased or decreased. * In the alpha mask selection part of the layer panel, pressing Shift + Left button changes to maintain alpha value. * When the mouse wheel is operated on ValueBar (number bar with spin), the value is changed to + 1 / -1. * When drawing text after the canvas DPI has changed, Fixed use of previously created DPI + pt size fonts. * Changed D D movement start condition for items on the brush list in the brush panel. When the item is already selected, press the left button to start on the condition of moving to another item + moving several px. * Add translation file (it) mlib * mLineEdit: Now select all text by left double click
2.1.426 Sep 2019 03:01 minor feature: CHANGELOG Added Luminous (addition) and Luminous (dodge) to the layer blend modes (Because the alpha value of the layer is applied to the RGB values, a natural glow will be produced when drawn with a brush) Increased the number of over-samplings in the reduced display of the canvas etc. (Even if the display magnification is low, the display will be more beautiful; processing will be heavier) Increased the maximum display magnification from 1000 to 2000 . (Useful for pixel art creating) Changed item Drag Drop with left mouse button on the brush list in the Brush panel to start when the cursor moves over another item or blank. Fixed incorrectly processing in the Transformation dialog, when the input value of rotation is more than 180 /-180 . Fixed drop during changing the font in the Text drawing dialog. Fixed locales: be (Belarus); en (English); ja (Japanese); ru (Russian); uk (Ukrainian); zh_CN (Chinese). New locales added: fr (French).