Recent Releases

1.10.025 May 2024 21:08 minor feature: This version is based on flatzebra 0.2.x and SDL2. The full screen mode now shows the correct aspect ratio.
1.9.522 Nov 2022 02:00 minor feature: With this version, when an enemy gets carried down on a slice and has landed, it is now shown as frozen until it revives, instead of disappearing until it revives. To restore the old disappearing behavior, pass new option --hide-landed-enemies.
1.9.418 Jun 2021 21:59 minor bugfix: This version adds a new option --no-active-event to allow the user to avoid the automatic pausing that happens when the window loses the focus or is iconified. The sound files are now installed under /usr/share/burgerspace/sounds instead of /usr/share/sounds/burgerspace (assuming /usr as the installation prefix). Some g++ 9.3.0 compilation warnings have been resolved.
1.9.207 Dec 2014 17:11 minor bugfix: Selecting a slot number when loading or saving games can now be done with the up and down keys, to accommodate keyboard layouts where digits are shifted, like the French keyboard. A GCC 4.7 compilation issue related to the close(1) function has been resolved.