Recent Releases

0.90.005 Nov 2017 11:25 minor feature: m(. m((. LineGraph: dB values on handles. LineGraph: unified use of label builder; different labels when hoveri?. LineGraph: background for labels. EQ: bigger pass buttons; 0.707 as default Q for shelves. EQ: ticks for 0.707 Q. Reworked Merge branch 'master' of More stuff in README. And more README. Line graph: some lifecycle. Line graph: Import the std namespace. Add a note in the manuals explaining zipper noise on very high Q in b?. Merge branch 'design' of int?. Last missing knob ticks. Merge branch 'design' of into design. Merge branch 'design'. TapButton: auto size request. VintageDelay: timeout to reset tap button after 2 secs. Preferences: Selector for existing gtkrc files. Load custom styles on startup, save style selection in preferences. Missing include in utils.h. Envelope Filter: add hint in manual for reversed operation. Try to a with unsorted plugins in Ardour. New: selectable styles. Merge branch 'styles'. 2 new styles: Wood and Hybreed. Logos for Hybrid and Wood styles. LED widget: drawing glitch. JACK host: minor code cleanup. LV2: Attempt to some conformance. LV2: more conformance. May break song/preset compatibility. Vocoder: out-of-range default values. Vocoder carrier and modulator out of bounds. Merge branch 'master' of testing things. stereo : more testing. Stereo: ms- lr and lr- ms working. cleanup. Reset widget class naming to dynamic since it crashes other hosts;. Make Analyzer UI require instance-access. Stereotools: lr- ms- lr. Merge branch 'master' of Stereotools: use ms settings on lr- rl, too. EQ8/EQ12: High pass and low pass with Q. LineGraph: z axis for lo and hi pass handles. First steps for new multi-mode delay. Merge branch 'master' of Update Controls.html. HTML manual path. HTML manual path. Separat
0.0.6025 Jul 2016 20:25 minor feature: Autohell: time for a release!.
0.0.60pre130 Dec 2014 17:10 major feature: Many enhancements and bugfixes after last release two years ago.