cgipaf 1.3.5

cgipaf is a combination of three CGI programs. passwd.cgi allow users to update their password, viewmailcfg.cgi allows users to view their current mail configuration, and mailcfg.cgi updates the mail configuration with a .procmailrc in the user's home directory. All programs use PAM for user authentication. It is possible to run a script to update Samba passwords or NIS configuration when a password is changed. Users with too many invalid logins can be locked. A range of UIDs that are allowed to use cgipaf can be set in the configuration file. A changepass utility - a chpasswd clone - is provided for platforms that doesn't have such a command, like Solaris.

Tags email authentication c web-environment
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.3.513 Apr 2016 09:27 minor bugfix: * BUGFIX: pwd_mkdb errors were not handled correctly on BSD * kyua test scripts added