Recent Releases

0.78.204 Dec 2017 22:05 minor feature: Use libtool to build libfilter and waitlib modules. perlfilter, link failure on Fedora 27. gettext update. rpm packaging. libs/sqwebmail/pcp.c (sqpcp_eventstart): null pointer dereference. libs/rfc2045/rfc2045reply.c (mkreply): null pointer, dereferences.
0.78.116 Oct 2017 20:05 minor feature: Maildrop/reformail.C (add_from_filter): use after free. to, courier: switch default header encoding to UTF-8. courier/cmlm.C (savemsg): Exit with EX_SOFTWARE when rejecting, messages from non-subscribers, to avoid triggerring backscatter, suppression for the mailing list.
0.77.007 Jul 2017 13:25 minor feature: Libs/maildir/maildirquota.c (docheckquota): Skip DT_LNK. courier/module.esmtp/esmtpclient.c (sendesmtp): failure, to report connection errors. rfc1035: TLS hostname verification problem caused by CNAME, records. couriertcpd: do not ANY queries for DNSBL lookups. courier-unicode library API update. libs/tcpd/libcouriertls.c: OpenSSL API update. Merge several Debian patches:, 0001-Include-cstdio-in-afx.h.patch, 0005-Ignore-and-.dpkg-a-z-files.patch, 0007--bashisms.patch, 0009--linking-in-upstream-Makefiles.patch, 0012-Define-and-use-PEMFILE-in-mkesmtpdcert.patch, (*) with some changes. 0013-Add-P-to-ghostscript-invocation.patch, 0014-Improve-error-reporting-in-preline.c.patch, 0017--formatting-errors-in-syslog-calls.patch, 0020-Add-perl-stanza-to-perlfilter-scripts.patch, courier/, courier/submit2.C (MessageEnd): Patches, from FreeBSD.
0.76.430 Jan 2017 11:45 minor feature: Misc compilation errors. Improve compatibility with gnupg 2. libs/maildrop/maildir.C (MaildirSave): new/delete mismatch. libs/sqwebmail/gpg.c: external linkage.
0.76.321 Sep 2016 20:25 minor feature: Courier/module.esmtp/courieresmtpd.c (main): Allow NOOP before, authentication takes place if authentication is required.
0.76.216 Aug 2016 06:45 minor feature: Reformime: do not abort due to invalid encoding of the "name", attributes. imapd.c (do_folder_delete): check for DELETE INBOX. courier/cmlm.C (savemsg): Have NOBOZOS only look for commands on, the first line of the message. courier/doc/local.html: Remove incorrect documentation for the, sticky bit, and reformat the document. courier/libs/lcrewrite.c (rw_syntaxchk): Allow consecutive ! and , characters in email addresses.
0.76.110 May 2016 06:05 minor feature: OpenSSL TLS SNI support. couriertls: remove deging message. Update default TLS settings in courierd and esmtpd config files, mostly removing obsoleted settings.
0.76.001 May 2016 21:25 minor feature: Stop using SSL2 and SSL3 openssl configuration methods. libs/rfc1035/spf.c: "mx" keyword a no-op MX-less domains, rather, than returning "error". libs/tcpd/libcouriertls.c: Add support for TLS SNI. maildrop: implement the FLAGS variable. maildrop: maildrop not searching last line of text. Add procps-ng to BuildRequires. maildrop: parsing of a message without a body. courier/submit.C: Write SPF-Received lines before the first, Received header. that prevented HELO's SPF-Received line, from being written.
0.75.030 Jun 2015 06:45 minor feature: libs/maildrop/mailbot.c: Fix bad malloc for --feedback- command, line parameters. ESMTP_PREFER_IPV6_MX: new setting. AUTH_MKHOMEDIR_SKEL setting: autocreate home directory. Drop SSLv3 from TLS_CIPHER_LIST. maildrop: Don't include matched subpatterns in foreach.
0.74.211 May 2015 03:05 minor feature: maildircache.c: fix use after free. mkdhparams: make compatible with libressl, imap: Handle 01-Jan-1970 for date-based searches. Update to courier-unicode 1.2. Add the makeimapaccess script. Fix compilation warning, testsuite.
0.74.015 Dec 2014 13:05 minor feature: Update autotools, rfc1035: add support for SPF records with multiple strings. tcpd/libcouriertls.c: add parsing options for different protocol, combination. Update comments in *ssl config files. libs/tcpd/libcouriertls.c (tls_create): Set SSL_OP_NOSSLv3 flag, to disable SSL3 support. mkdhparams: TLS_DHPARAMS environmnt variable overrides default, DH parameter file location. generate the default DH parameter file and, package it into the rpm, instead of generating one on the first, start. libs/maildir/maildirinfo.c (maildir_info_imapmunge): Fix, UTF-8 charset name. tcpd/libcouriertls.c (tls_create): Initialize temporary ecdh, parameters. mkesmtpdcert: do not put DH parameters in the test cert. DH, parameters are now in DH_PARAMS, mkdhparams: default to 2048 DH params for OpenSSL. courier.service: bump up startup timeout, initial service start, may take several minutes to generate DH parameters for the first, time. imap: try to print a message on stderr if the alarm() call, that, detects FAM library breakage, goes off. libs/rfc1035 - fix SPF lookup bug.
0.73.202 Sep 2014 03:49 minor bugfix: Minor releases of Courier, Courier-IMAP, SqWebMail, and maildrop packages, fixing assorted bugs. Building these packages now requires the Courier Unicode library package to be installed. A minor security issue in SMTP and IMAP handlers was fixed, when Courier gets built using the GnuTLS library.