Recent Releases

5.2.028 Aug 2023 03:19 major bugfix: Added: - Mostly.
5.0.001 Dec 2022 03:15 major feature: Added: - Added CTkTextbox with automatic x and y scrollbars, corner_radius, border_width, border_spacing. - Added CTkSegmentedButton. - Added CTkTabview. - Added.cget() method to all widgets and windows. - Added.bind() and.focus() methods to almost all widgets. - Added 'anchor' option to CTkButton to position image and text inside the button. - Added 'anchor' option to CTkOptionMenu and 'justify' option to CTkComboBox. - Added CTkFont class. - Added CTkImage class to replace PIL.ImageTk.PhotoImage, supports scaling and two images for appearance mode, supports configuring. - Added missing configure options for multiple widgets. Changed: - Changed value for transparent colors (same as background) from None to 'transparent'. - Changed 'text_font' attribute to 'font' in all widgets, changed 'dropdown_text_font' to 'dropdown_font'. - Changed 'dropdown_color' attribute to 'dropdown_fg_color' for combobox, optionmenu. - Changed 'orient' attribute of CTkProgressBar and CTkSlider to 'orientation'. - Width and height attributes of CTkCheckBox, CTkRadioButton, CTkSwitch now describe the outer dimensions of the whole widget. The button/switch size is described by separate attributes like checkbox_width, checkbox_height. - font attribute must be tuple or CTkFont now, all size values are measured in pixel now. - Changed dictionary key 'window_bg_color' to 'window' in theme files. - CTkInputDialog attributes completely changed. - CTkScrollbar attributes scrollbar_color, scrollbar_hover_color changed to button_color, button_hover_color. Removed: - Removed setter and getter functions like set_text in CTkButton. - Removed bg and background attribute from CTk and CTkToplevel, always use fg_color. - Removed Settings class and moved settings to widget and window classes. - removed customtkinter.set_spacing_scaling(), now set_widget_scaling() is used for spacing too.
4.6.016 Nov 2022 14:45 minor feature: CTkProgressBar indeterminate mode, automatic progress loop with .start() and .stop()