digiKam 8.2.0

digiKam is a KDE photo collection manager. It provides streamlined importing and organizing/classifying them into albums or chronologies. Besides allowing custom directory schemes for storage, it also permits plain tagging, indexing and rating. Through KIPI it integrates with other KDE photo management software; but also provides a Light Table tool to pick highest quality shots from a series, or retouch them. A built-in image editor can apply colorization and lightning correction effects.

Tags cpp qt image photo galleries management kde digital-camera
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

8.2.003 Dec 2023 16:45 minor feature: After five months of active maintenance and long bugs triage, the digiKam team is proud to present version 8.2.0 of its open source digital photo manager. See below the list of most important features coming with this release. Libraw : Updated to snapshot 2023-11-21 Bundles : Updated Exiv2 to last 0.28.1 release Bundles : Updated ExifTool to last 12.70 release. Bundles : Linux and macOS uses KF5 framework to last 5.110 This version arrives with a long review of bugzilla entries. Long time bugs present in older versions have been fixed and we spare a lots of time to contact users to validate changes in pre-release to confirm fixes before to deploy the program in production. The application internationalization has also been updated. digiKam and Showfoto are proposed with 61 different languages for the graphical interface. Go to Settings/Configure Languages dialog and change the localization as you want. Applications need to be restarted to apply changes. If you want to contribute to the internationalization of digiKam, please contact the translator teams, following the translation how-to. The statistics about translation states are available here. Thanks to the translators who have worked on the online documentation internationalisations. You can read and search over the document here. You are welcome to contribute to application handbook translations following the coordination team instructions.
8.1.014 Jul 2023 03:16 minor feature:
8.0.005 Jul 2023 11:56 minor feature: https://www.digikam.org/news/
6.4.011 Jan 2020 01:58 minor feature: https://cgit.kde.org/digikam.git/tree/project/NEWS.6.3.0
6.3.006 Sep 2019 15:52 minor feature: https://cgit.kde.org/digikam.git/tree/project/NEWS.6.3.0
6.2.001 Aug 2019 03:15 minor feature: Merge branch 'master' of invent.kde.org:kde/digikam . This Qt tarball is located in archive sub dir now. . qt webkit v512 tarball have been updated. . Change i18n to "Blend Stacked Images...". . Update. . QtAv 12 = 13. . Merge branch 'master' of invent.kde.org:kde/digikam. . Update. . Revert back ffmpeg version from 3.3.9 to 3.3.6 for AppImage, as sound . . Merge branch 'master' of invent.kde.org:kde/digikam. . Update. . Merge branch 'master' of invent.kde.org:kde/digikam. . Upgrade to KF5 5.59.0. . Merge branch 'master' of invent.kde.org:kde/digikam. . Add support of Portable archive while release stage. . Add warning message in NSIS installer about the operations processed . . Update. . Polish. . Path to create Portable archive. . Update. . Add info to the item properties tab if item has sidecar. . Get size and alpha from ImageMagick loader. . Polish i18n. . Change i18n again. . Update. . Update. . Update. . Update. . Update. . Replace deprecated QDesktopWidget #1. . Use the same highest device pixel ratio also for OSX. . Remove macro USE_QT_SCALING. . Replace deprecated QDesktopWidget #2. . Update. . Missing to checkout QtAV extra modules. . Polish. . Update. . Polish. . Update host application when import images. . Use the file name from the header for the import. . Switch QtAv to 1.12.0 release tarball. . Download parameter and add redirection support. . Merge branch 'master' of invent.kde.org:kde/digikam. . Use DFileOperations::getUniqueFileUrl(). . Polish. . Update host application from SmugMug import. . Update SmugMug API key. . Polish redirect url. . Polish and less de. Disable switch from akonadi contact support. . Replace deprecated setMatrix() function. . Replace deprecated QDesktopWidget #3. . Replace deprecated QDesktopWidget #4. . Replace deprecated QDesktopWidget #5. . Use center of the widget to detect scr
6.1.015 Apr 2019 03:15 minor feature: Remove webkit . Hard link to openssl. . Install Python 2.7 for QtWebEngine. . Update. . Font and size for caption text in slideshow is now configurable. . Use scl. . Use devtoolset 7. . Add shortcut F4 to hide/show properties. . Polish. . Merge branch 'master' of git.kde.org:digikam. . Dev tool set 7 do not compile Qt. try dev tool set 6. . More Qt component to disable. . Install new ruby 2.4. . Add fontconfig, freetype, and more no test to compile rules. . Restore fontconfig, freetype, and icu compilation. . Polish. . Pass extra include and lib directories. . Polish. . Remove icu-devel. . Polish. . Scanning WLPG faces from the image if name is empty. . Polish. . Add fribidi dependencies for libass/ffmpeg. . Merge branch 'master' of git.kde.org:digikam. . Polish. . Polish and increase the slideshow properties size. . Merge branch 'master' of git.kde.org:digikam. . Update. . Switch to master. . Merge branch 'master' of git.kde.org:digikam. . Qtav do not compile with qmake and G++ 6 from CentOS::devtoolsset-6. . . Stage compile until the end. great. . Now compile DK. . Start to try 32 bits support. . Use devtoolset-6 under 32 bits. . New pyjton 27 32 bits. . Sync common bash functions. . do not upload bundle yet. . Update. . Finalize. . Merge branch 'master' of git.kde.org:digikam. . Polish. . Install ruby 2.4 32 bits with RVM. . Polish. . Polish. . Update. . Update. . Update. . Update. . Update. . Update. . Update. . re-read image and video metadata if database cleanup option is en . . Update. . Wrong space encoding in bash script. Try to limit the size of binaries generated as under 32 bits, as Qtwe . . Add deps for linuxdeployqt. . Merge branch 'master' of git.kde.org:digikam. . Polish. . Better check if python 2.6 is installed under Centos6 32 bits. . Archive. . More options to pass to qt. . Ad
6.0.027 Feb 2019 16:57 major feature:
5.9.010 Jan 2019 12:59 minor bugfix:
4.9.008 Apr 2015 16:25 minor bugfix: Add an auxiliary grid-thirds in the crop tool. Fix crash when moving tags by D D. Recursive calls made into ProgressManager::slotTransactionCompletedDeferred.
4.8.024 Feb 2015 22:05 minor feature:
4.7.023 Dec 2014 03:15 major bugfix: Fixed: No way to filter only files of a specific extension. The creation of the selection has a dysfunction after a very fast mouse double click patch .
4.6.019 Dec 2014 08:05 minor feature: Editor : Several fixes to complete image editor canvas port to Qt4 model/view. General: Better support of removable media and unvavailable items. Import : Allow sub-subfolders auto creation while importing. BQM : Allow to save/load Workflow from tools context menu.
4.5.025 Nov 2014 16:05 minor bugfix: This release includes bugs fixes and switch as optional some dependencies as libkipi, libkface, libkgeomap dedicated respectively to support Kipi plugins, Face management, and Geo-location maps. By this way we will be able to port digiKam to KF5/Qt5 step by step.