Recent Releases

1.9.024 Feb 2020 06:05 major feature: Maintenance release, adding support for Valac 0.46, changing build system to use meson and updating translations.
1.8.013 Mar 2018 07:25 major feature: A developer focused release, adding full support for gjs and python + Vala =0.40 support
1.7.017 Dec 2017 17:45 major bugfix: Beside some minor fixes this release introduces initial Wayland support.
1.6.017 Jul 2017 10:25 major bugfix: A bugfix release with some small neat features such as vi like scrolling and showing a warning when privacy option is enabled.
1.5.026 Apr 2016 05:25 major bugfix: A bug fix release.
1.4.014 Oct 2015 23:25 major bugfix: A bug fix release. How keybinding is registered has changed so before you update please read
1.3.027 Feb 2015 18:25 major bugfix: An important Diodon stability release fixing some annoying bugs.