Discourse 3.2.2

Discourse is a discussion plattform. It provides a more fluent and accessible web interface than common bulletin boards or forum software. Discussions are visualized cohesively through scroll auto-loading, are automatically hypertext-interconnected where related, provide dynamic notifications, and are generally unintrusive and simple to partake. Discourse moreover prefers federated/social logins, encourages creative commons sharing, allows easy media embedding per drag and drop, uses a visual MarkDown editor rather than BBcode, is mobile compatible per default, and builds upon an extensive API and a modern search function.

Tags ruby ruby-on-rails discussion-forum bulletin-board online-messaging postgresql ember-js redis
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

3.2.217 May 2024 00:25 minor feature:
3.2.122 Mar 2024 13:49 security:
3.215 Mar 2024 13:42 major feature:
1.1.007 Oct 2014 22:50 major feature: Log when admins impersonate other users. Use img's title attribute in overlay information when provided. Consider SVG as an image when authorized. Extended user stats in user export csv. Stop live refreshing new suggested topics. Show dismiss posts/topics buttons on category filtered lists. Full name no longer required at signup. Admin end point to sync sso /admin/users/sync_sso. New '/posts/:post_id/revisions/latest' endpoint to retrieve. Add max_reply_history to limit number of replies. Allow long polling to go to a different url. Include category / subcategory name in document title when. Search by ip address on admin user list page. New setting Background_polling_interval (polling interval for background. browser pages) 60 seconds by default. Long polling pushed back from 30 to 25 seconds. Force an immediate poll when a bg page returns to foreground. Show full user name in emails. Focus input on modals is optional. Allow users to select a badge with an image to appear on their user card. (Image field in badge admin must be filled for this to work). Import phpBB avatars. Show raw email for replies/topics created via email (to moderators and posters). order:views order by views - advanced search options. In:tracking and in:watching search filters. In:likes and in:posted search filters. Added status:noreplies and status:archived to advanced search. Advanced search help. Mark All as Read button for Notifications page. Allow a user to upload an image for their user card background.. Send set password instructions after invite redemption. Ability to hide or show specific post revisions. CORS settings per-site in a multisite env. Use original filename when clicking the download link in the lightbox. Add webp and svg to known image formats. Make it easier to localize "email has been taken". Send set password instructions after invite redemption. Option to auto-close topics based on time of last post. Add Precedence header. Support
1.0.028 Aug 2014 03:00 cleanup: Discourse is now considered ready for wide public use, and as such has been tagged with version 1.0 now. A few minor stylistic cleanups for mobile display have been applied.