Eagle Mode 0.96.1

Eagle Mode is a C++ GUI toolkit and provides a zoomable user interface (ZUI) usable as desktop shell even. It functions as filesystem browser and manager, and seamlessly runs integrated applications. Images, text files and office documents can be zoomed in, audio and video files engaged as well. Built-in widgets like an archiver, chess and 3D minesweeper games, a clock, fractal imaging examples integrate likewise.

Tags c++ desktop file-manager gui toolkit zoomable interface shell cross-platform
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

0.96.103 Jul 2023 03:18 minor feature: Added select and copy functions to the plain text viewer.. Added select and copy functions to the PDF viewer.
0.96.023 Dec 2022 03:17 minor feature: Added emStocks - a plugin for stock watchlists.. Added undo/redo functions to editable text fields.. Extended the graphics API to paint Bezier curves, arrows, and dashes.. Added support for showing ICO files which are PNG compressed.. Revised the emListBox API: Now the items have names.. Minor.
0.95.213 Jul 2022 03:17 minor feature: DPI scaling on Windows.. changing of only letter case when renaming files on Windows.. useless re-rendering in emPdf.. Allowed to trigger radio boxes and check boxes by clicking on the text.. Adjusted some dialog sizes as well as click and expansion size thresholds to Modern screen resolutions.. Updated emLKC to kernel 5.. Minor.
0.95.112 Jul 2021 03:17 minor feature: Added a viewer for WebP image files.. focus problems with XWayland.. Minor.
0.95.021 Aug 2020 17:25 minor feature: Added some interpolation algorithms for the zooming into photos, videos, Icons and other images. Now the user can choose (in the preferences) from: Area Sampling, Bilinear, Bicubic, Lanczos, and Adaptive.. Accelerated graphics display by making use of the AVX2 CPU extension.. Extended the graphics API by a texture class which allows more flexible Filling of figures with colors and images.. Ported the audio/video player to Windows, based on the VLC library.. Switched from Xine to VLC also for other OSes because some tests showed that VLC is more crash-resistant against randomly corrupted files and thereby most Likely more secure.. Ported the archive viewer to Windows.. Completely removed support for outdated archive file formats to improve Security and simplify maintenance: Goodbye to arc, arj, lha, rar, and zoo.. Minor and improvements.
0.94.230 Oct 2019 06:45 minor feature: some security concerning the reading of corrupt image Files.. keyboard focus loss after dialog closing in certain situations on X11.. Minor.
0.94.108 Apr 2019 19:25 minor feature: Improved video performance on multi-core CPUs a little.. Prohibited starting up after failure in creating initial bookmarks.. Reviewed and improved various details concerning protection against unwanted File system changes.. Colorized file manager command execution messages on Windows 10.
0.94.025 Dec 2018 06:25 minor feature: Extended the internal font, mainly by Cyrillic and Greek characters.. Improved character code page support.. Added Clang support (compile command: perl make.pl build Compiler=clang ).. Minor.
0.93.228 Jul 2018 03:15 minor feature: Ported PDF, SVG, and PS viewers to Windows.. Minor.
0.93.129 Oct 2017 11:25 minor feature: Adapted minimally to new OS versions.. Ported time zones feature to Windows.
0.93.001 May 2017 10:05 minor feature: Added autoplay function: Slideshow of picture files and playback of multiple Audio/video files.. Minor.
0.92.007 Jan 2017 08:05 minor feature: Parallelized painting for improved graphics performance on multi-core CPUs.. Changed many virtual API methods to "const" (required for the above point, Compiling old user code may fail, sorry, please adapt). Minor.
0.91.027 Jun 2016 15:05 minor feature: behavior on virtual desktops with multiple monitors.. Added saving and restoring of window geometry.. On X11, the fullscreen mode now goes via the window manager instead of Switching to override-redirect mode.. On Windows, in the virtual cosmos, replaced all the static disk drive items And the home dir item by a single file system item which dynamically lists all Available drives.. Minor.
0.90.031 Mar 2016 21:45 minor feature: Added lots of icons to the control panel and gave it a new layout.. Reworked the graphic design of the toolkit elements (buttons, etc.).. Added new file manager themes: Glass, Card/*, and Night. Removed the Cloud Theme.. Minor improvements and... (For making the new graphics in this version, I learned and used Blender 2.76. Great tool!)
0.89.201 Feb 2016 06:25 minor feature: Added API class emAvlTreeSet.. Moved emAvlTreeMap into an own header file.. the StrictRaster option of emRasterLayout.. configuration loading for minimum forward compatibility with the Upcoming "design" version 0.90.0 (running. Minor.
0.89.108 Aug 2015 03:15 minor feature: Fixed shortcuts for Windows systems where wsf files are not associated with wscript.. Multi-user installation of start menu and desktop icons on Windows.. Improved resolution of built-in font.. Minor fixes.
0.89.011 May 2015 03:15 minor feature: Added new API classes: emListBox, emFileSelectionBox, emFileDialog, and emAnything.. Removed method emPanel::EnableAutoExpansion() (it's always "enabled" now).. Minor fixes and improvements.
0.88.021 Feb 2015 14:25 minor feature: LI Replaced API class emTiling by more specialized classes: emLinearLayout, emRasterLayout, and emPackLayout. LI Accordingly replaced emGroup by emLinearGroup, emRasterGroup, and emPackGroup. LI Fixed cropping of video frames. LI Fixed launch feedback. LI Improved input processing on slow machines. LI Minor fixes.
0.87.004 Jan 2015 03:15 minor feature: LI Bug fix: The view often zoomed away unexpectedly from alternative file content panels (since version 0.86.0). LI Reorganized the toolkit classes, renamed all "emTk*" to "em*". LI Minor fixes.
0.86.006 Dec 2014 07:05 minor feature: Added kinetic effects (inertia and friction) to zooming and scrolling by mouse and keyboard. Added a magnetism which zooms and scrolls automatically for showing a content full-sized. (It gets active after zooming or scrolling by mouse, when a content is not to far from being shown full-sized.) Added an acceleration effect to zooming by mouse wheel. Added animations for logical position changes by keys and bookmarks. Adapted emLKC to kernel 3.16 and higher. Minor fixes and improvements.