Recent Releases

3.50.016 Sep 2023 08:05 major bugfix:
3.49.302 Sep 2023 09:25 minor feature:
3.49.205 Aug 2023 21:25 minor feature: : I#17 - Sorting Contacts in the 'Address cards' view I#130 - itip-formatter: Send meeting invitations as multipart/alternative I#203 - Improve handling of suspiciously signed/encrypted emails (multiparts) I#375 - Support Autocrypt I#609 - Calendar: Use user-configured date format in the editor I#662 - Option to get Delivery Status Notification (DSN) I#848 - Allow to save forwarded mails in the original message folder I#883 - ETimezoneEntry: Enable completion by timezone location I#967 - Add save e-mails individually as eml format I#1081 - Mail: Allow to import PGP keys I#1180 - Calendar: Disallow change of target client for existing components I#1750 - Composer: Offer to send without encryption when key is missing I#2347 - CompEditor: Open map from Location field I#2364 - Mail: Add option to group messages into flat threads I#2398 - CompEditor: Allow unset recurrence for uneditable recurrences I#2399 - alarm-notify: Detect format change in settings I#2407 - Contacts: Add columns for mailing address fields I#2412 - Composer: Format change can discard message text I#2413 - Ability to update / overwrite a template when saving it I#2415 - "Archive " direct action should not have ellipsis dots at the end I#2416 - The "Select Address Book" dialog has disabled OK button after open I#2417 - Calendar: Use meeting's timezone in the comp editor Schedule tab I#2423 - Re-enable contact maps feature I#2430 - Calendar: Disallow save for all instances on a detached instance I#2433 - Calendar does not remember selected weeks when scrolling via button I#2443 - Calendar: Missing events in Month view print out M!120 - Correct wording of mail composer's external attachments warning infobar (Jeff Fortin Tam) M!121 - Composer: Change Max Line Length to RFC 2822 Limits (Cameron) eds-I#59 - CalDAV: Allow to disable schedule reply on remove eds-I#180 - Add option to reduce book/cal data usage when on a metered connection eds-I#483 - Calendar: Add option to (not) delete "Declined" meeting.
3.49.115 Jul 2023 03:12 minor bugfix: Apr 2016 20:32 minor bugfix: List item is removed when the Return is pressed on its end