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3.52.016 Mar 2024 02:45 minor feature: Bug Fixes: I#2632 - Workaround excessive memory use I#2672 - Calendar: Prefer html/markdown description in preview I#2691 - Incorrect/missing URLs in app metadata Miscellaneous: main.c: Fix unused variable when in non-development build SetupBuildFlags.cmake: Remove "-Wl,--no-undefined" from compiler flags ci: Create top 'pages' index.html page Plugins' Update homepage URI from GNOME wiki to GNOME GitLab (Andre Klapper)
3.51.303 Mar 2024 06:25 minor feature: : I#2627 - Skip message Note part in "Edit as New Message" I#2657 - Composer: Option to prefer local datetime in reply credits I#2659 - Composer: Preserve whitespace in text/plain drafts I#2661 - Unclear licensing in some places I#2663 - Composer: Try to parse pasted addresses with ';' better I#2664 - itip-view: Prefer user's choice for 24h time format I#2665 - Tasks: Add Status=Needs Action filter option (Nico Rikken) I#2670 - Pasting into composer address box can lose spaces I#2675 - Support webcals: URI I#2677 - ESourceConfig: Window width always increases on Type change in Wayland I#2679 - Remove old stock icons from table and cell Properties dialogs I#2680 - Mail: Add 'From' header to default Free Form Expression I#2685 - Composer: Drop extra font-size in elems of paste in HTML eds-I#522 - build: Make sure tests run in serial. Miscellaneous: Replace G_TYPE_INSTANCE_GET_PRIVATE() with G_ADD_PRIVATE() plugin_ui_hook_finalize: Chain up to the finalize() method Composer: Stop message send when retrieve of the content failed Composer: Hint places for folding in Autocrypt header Composer: Change "Remove Key" to "Send without Key" in Autocrypt question ci: Export the help with Gitlab Pages (Corentin Noël) itip-formatter: Show "Unable to send item..." errors with error icon Calendar: Remove support for E_CAL_STATIC_CAPABILITY_RETRACT_SUPPORTED Calendar: Meeting deletion can sometimes send duplicate cancel messages appdata: Add colors. Translations: Asier Sarasua Garmendia (eu) Ekaterine Papava (ka) Juliano de Souza Camargo (pt_BR) Jürgen Benvenuti (de) Kukuh Syafaat (id) Sabri Ünal (tr) Yuri Chornoivan (uk).
3.51.210 Feb 2024 11:45 minor bugfix: : I#2607 - Mail: Add 'Mark Task as complete' in To Do bar I#2628 - Update shortcuts window I#2637 - Calendar: Arrows should move by a whole month I#2640 - EPasswords: Fallback to use app's active window as its parent I#2646 - rss: Build common code as a shared private library I#2647 - misc: Get mouse cursor image by name I#2652 - rss: Incorrect decode of quoted-printable-like texts I#2653 - rss: Invalid default article date I#2654 - Markdown Editor: Use font as set in Evolution M!127 - Port to GTask (Corentin Noël) M!128 - GLibTools: Automatically get the dependencies of a GResource (Corentin Noël). Miscellaneous: build: Don't set CFLAGS returned by pkg-config as CMAKE_REQUIRED_FLAGS build: Bump CMake version requirement to 3.15 build: align glib_encoded_version with the version requirements (Corentin Noël) EContactEditor: Explicitly set horizontal/vertical expand/fill for tab content e-shell: Describe --force-shutdown option as closing also background processes Composer: Ask before sending mail with an Autocrypt header. Translations: Christian Kirbach (de) Ekaterine Papava (ka) Juliano de Souza Camargo (pt_BR) Kukuh Syafaat (id) Martin (sl) Pavel Koulikov (ru) Sabri Ünal (tr) Yuri Chornoivan (uk).
3.51.107 Jan 2024 02:05 minor feature: : I#935 - Mail: Preview message body in the message list I#991 - Add Confirmations tab into Mail Preferences I#1078 - Allow bulk edit of Tasks I#1091 - Allow creating event attachments of type URI I#1116 - Make attachment bar resizable in mail preview I#1234 - Add "Unset Label" action in filter rules I#1363 - Calendar: Show attachments of the component in preview panel I#1384 - Links added in HTML mail composer get removed in plain text part I#1411 - WebDAV Editor: Allow set no color for calendar I#1436 - Mail: Correct conversion of UTF-16 encoded text files I#1490 - Contacts: Allow to use local app for "open-map:" URIs I#1493 - Support Mail-Followup-To and Mail-Reply-To headers I#1515 - EAlertBar: Add a button to all errors at once I#1608 - ConfigLookup: Default to STARTTLS for LDAP from SRV records I#1619 - Batch modification of multiple contacts I#1626 - Register Evolution as handler for ldap:// and ldaps:// URIs I#1643 - Importers: Do not read whole file into memory I#1683 - Composer: Use popover for Link Properties I#1694 - EClientSelection: Disallow drop into a read-only client I#1725 - Mail: Allow explicit MIME Type set for script signatures I#1738 - Calendar: Change Open/Delete context menu option labels I#1753 - Mail: Use Ctrl+Alt+F for Forward, Ctrl+F to search for messages I#1768 - Add to the Task/iTIP preview the GEO property I#1825 - Composer: Add list of addresses/domains accepting HTML messages I#1838 - Mail: Ask for private reply only if recipients differ I#1842 - Add option to show reminder before every event in calendar I#1844 - Calendar: Cannot copy, only move, events in the Day View by drag drop I#1864 - Mail: Prevent accidental header sort clicks I#1865 - HTML signatures lose formatting in "Markdown to HTML" emails I#1933 - Mail: Show filter rule for Saved Search I#1943 - Mail: Include a filtering searchbar in folder select dialog I#2515 - Names of GPG key trust levels are not clear I#2526 - EWebView: Enable spell checking for editable fields I#
3.50.016 Sep 2023 08:05 major bugfix:
3.49.302 Sep 2023 09:25 minor feature:
3.49.205 Aug 2023 21:25 minor feature: : I#17 - Sorting Contacts in the 'Address cards' view I#130 - itip-formatter: Send meeting invitations as multipart/alternative I#203 - Improve handling of suspiciously signed/encrypted emails (multiparts) I#375 - Support Autocrypt I#609 - Calendar: Use user-configured date format in the editor I#662 - Option to get Delivery Status Notification (DSN) I#848 - Allow to save forwarded mails in the original message folder I#883 - ETimezoneEntry: Enable completion by timezone location I#967 - Add save e-mails individually as eml format I#1081 - Mail: Allow to import PGP keys I#1180 - Calendar: Disallow change of target client for existing components I#1750 - Composer: Offer to send without encryption when key is missing I#2347 - CompEditor: Open map from Location field I#2364 - Mail: Add option to group messages into flat threads I#2398 - CompEditor: Allow unset recurrence for uneditable recurrences I#2399 - alarm-notify: Detect format change in settings I#2407 - Contacts: Add columns for mailing address fields I#2412 - Composer: Format change can discard message text I#2413 - Ability to update / overwrite a template when saving it I#2415 - "Archive " direct action should not have ellipsis dots at the end I#2416 - The "Select Address Book" dialog has disabled OK button after open I#2417 - Calendar: Use meeting's timezone in the comp editor Schedule tab I#2423 - Re-enable contact maps feature I#2430 - Calendar: Disallow save for all instances on a detached instance I#2433 - Calendar does not remember selected weeks when scrolling via button I#2443 - Calendar: Missing events in Month view print out M!120 - Correct wording of mail composer's external attachments warning infobar (Jeff Fortin Tam) M!121 - Composer: Change Max Line Length to RFC 2822 Limits (Cameron) eds-I#59 - CalDAV: Allow to disable schedule reply on remove eds-I#180 - Add option to reduce book/cal data usage when on a metered connection eds-I#483 - Calendar: Add option to (not) delete "Declined" meeting.
3.49.115 Jul 2023 03:12 minor bugfix: Apr 2016 20:32 minor bugfix: List item is removed when the Return is pressed on its end