FAI - Fully Automatic Installation 5.9.1

FAI is a non-interactive system to install and configure Linux systems and software packages on computers as well as virtual machines, from small networks to large-scale infrastructures like clusters and virtual environments. It can be used for creating custom disk images used in virtual machines or on a cloud-computing platform. There's also a web build service for customized installation and cloud images.

Tags installation system-administrators systems-administration
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

5.9.125 Jan 2020 11:25 minor feature: Check binary 'more' instead of 'ls' . Add missing search. . Make release.
5.908 Jan 2020 03:15 minor feature: Chg: typo. . Chg: typo, detail how to use fai-cd and clarify usage for minimalisti . . Chg: typo. . Clean iso name. . Typo. . Add symlink support for openSUSE, /bin/ls is a symlink there. . Extending zypper install commands for patterns and products. . Add question. . Improve pipe. . Add fai-link, fai-sed. . Allow more spaces. Wrong IP settings in boot.log. . Remove section. . do not install subversion. . Add UEFI support. . Add option -E, support for uefi. . Year+. . Add support for EFI, remove gfxpayload. . Test for platform, not for grub.cfg. . Better efi boooting. . Add grub modules, add error message if efi files are not available. . Upd doc on disk and partition denomination. set example for LVM LUKS . . Trailing whitespace. . Year++. . Add -E to help. . Add news. . Always install dosfstools. . Change path for grub.cfg on Ubuntu. . Move lftp to default section. . we need to check hd1 if the USB stick becomes hd0. . Change order of tests. . Add entry for Ubuntu, if USB stick is hd0. . Add modules for legacy bios, so grub can detect partitions and file s . . Legacy booting from USB stick. . Delete tmp dir before using it. . Set partition type to 00. . Test for parted not needed any more. . Adjust config to new ISO layout, use grub.cfg as template. . Typo. . Print efi boot infos if available. . Remove setting of variable loopback, unused. . Add module keystatus. . Add check for mkfs.vat and mcopy. . Add dosfstools mtools to recommends, needed for fai-cd. . Add modules for i386. . do not try to load uniconde font and background image. . do not copy unicode.pf2. . do not try to load uniconde font and background image. . Make release.
5.8.906 Oct 2019 03:15 minor feature: Clean hash for every new atype . Make release.
5.8.720 Sep 2019 05:45 minor feature: Remove redundant message . Better explain first server installation, wiki links. . Typos, PACKAGE - PACKAGES. . Explain importance of the config space. . Variable name clashes. . Define variable later to avoid name clash. . Add option -V, read variable definitions if needed. Handle shell variables in a package name. . Install apt keys named package_config/CLASS.gpg into target. . do not fail if File::lchown module is not available. Add news. . Make release. . Use command -v instead of type and which. . Typo. . Logic when testing for xorriso. . Use /dev/null. . Add section about nfsroot and NFS v4. . Typo. . Set date. . Make release.
5.8.631 Aug 2019 09:25 minor feature: Make release.
5.8.402 May 2019 13:08 major feature: - switch to buster as default - rewrite README
5.8.125 Feb 2019 15:30 major feature: - changes in fcopy - better UEFI support - add support for Ubuntu's netplan