giada 1.0.0

Giada is a loop machine. Build your performance in real time by layering audio tracks or MIDI events, driven by the main sequencer. Giada is a sample player. Load samples from your crates and play them with a computer keyboard or a MIDI controller. Giada is a song editor. Write songs from scratch or edit existing live recordings with the powerful Action Editor, for a fine-tuned control. Giada is a live recorder. Record sounds from the real world and MIDI events coming from external devices or other apps. Giada is an FX processor. Process samples or audio/MIDI input signals with VST instruments from your plug-ins collection. Giada is a MIDI controller. Control other software or synchronize physical MIDI devices by using Giada as a MIDI master sequencer. Lightweight and powerful. Designed for live performances. Powerful multi-threaded audio engine. Super sleek interface, no exotic stuff. VST3, LV2 and MIDI I/O support. Tons of tools and modes to craft your songs. 100% open-source GPL. For Linux, Windows, macOS and FreeBSD.

Tags audio music recording editors midi mixers
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

1.0.024 Feb 2024 13:25 major bugfix: Main Menu redesign with macOS support. Main Window I/O redesign with vertical audio meters. Show beat number in Main Sequencer. Redesigned Column menu with improved usability. New Velocity Editor widget in Sample Channel Action Editor. Recursive buffer rendering implementation. Let Giada pick a default audio device if not specified. Send MIDI data through armed channels to the outside world. Linux Remove duplicated.desktop file generation. Linux Update metainfo.xml file. Optimize audio preview rendering: enable it only when Sample Editor is open. Improved zoom with mouse wheel in Sample Editor and Action Editor. some Sample Editor operations not working correctly. grid not showing up correctly in Sample Editor. inability to quit record-on-signal mode. Record-on-signal mode not deactivated after recording audio. Refactoring and code cleanup.
0.26.118 Dec 2023 09:45 minor bugfix: Add ability to stop plug-ins scan. Add ability to sort plug-ins in both ascending and descending order. Disable main transport buttons when not available, with better explanation. Linux Follow the XDG Base Directory Specification for configuration files. All subwindows on project before resetting the engine. Assertion when when applying audio config changes and input device is disabled. Assertion when selected RtMidi API is not present in available APIs. Sample Editor not picking up Channel properties (pitch, range...) when loading a project. Crash when fetching audio device and JACK is in use. Some scrolling glitches in Action Editor. Windows plug-in GUI weird auto-resize when dragged around. Refactoring and code cleanup.
0.26.015 Oct 2023 12:05 major feature: Add ability to open more than one plug-in UI. Huge optimizations to the audio rendering process. Improved floating legends in Action Editor. Enabling MIDI lightning also enables MIDI input. Enable static linking in Windows build. Sample Editor: play preview with the right current pitch and range. Right-click over empty column space opens the column menu. Don't pass command line arguments to FLTK. Windows Store configuration file in AppData directory. Update FLTK to latest master. Update RtAudio to 6.0.1. Lots of code refactoring and internal cleanup.
0.25.104 Aug 2023 00:44 major bugfix: Enabled realtime scheduling in audio callback. Input audio meter is now affected by the current input volume value. Improved file name validation when saving projects and samples. compilation with format-security compiler flags. Disable metronome when recording in free-loop-length mode. Improved robustness of audio channel selection when changing audio devices in the configuration panel. Upgrade libsndfile library to version 1.2.0. Upgrade nlohmann-json library to version 3.11.2. Upgrade fmt library to version 10.0.0. Lots of code refactoring and internal cleanup.