glibc 2.25

The GNU C library (AKA glibc2 or libc6) is the base system and core C library for Linux and other operating system kernels. It runs on a wide array of hardware plattforms as well, incorpates Single UNIX, ISO C11, ISO C99, BSD, SVID, XPG and some GNU extensions.

Tags c system-library libc
License GNU LGPL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.2520 Apr 2017 20:31 major bugfix:
2.2010 Sep 2014 18:37 major bugfix: Version 2.20 incorporates many bugfixes, makes NPTL the default POSIX threading backend, reverts the s390x ABI changes, adds file descripton locks, removes the am33 port and BSD and SVID macros. An optimized strcmp for ARMv7 was added, adds lazy linking support for Intel MPX instructions, drops loadable gconv translation module support, fixes a security vulnerability with older PC character set sequences in arrays, brings stricter checks for locale environment settings.