Recent Releases

1.6.404 Jun 2017 21:52 minor feature:
1.4.920 Sep 2016 02:25 minor feature: Spelling mistake and wrong words in strings, thanks to Anders Jonsson
1.4.815 Mar 2016 03:15 minor feature: Support gcc6 -Werror=format-security, thanks to Mamoru Tasaka
1.4.701 Jun 2015 00:45 minor bugfix: Segmentation fault after find files, Segfault on the second search, Clicking on.png file looks at wrong MIME type.
1.4.620 May 2015 11:25 minor feature: appdata.xml file is not being translated, thanks to Dominique Leuenberger, crash on opening property dialog on ftp-directory with "odd" uid, crash when searching two times consecutively, Passwords store in plain text in ./gnome-commander/connections, Made options dialog resizable and added scrollbars
1.4.526 Jan 2015 05:45 minor feature: Appdata missing in POT, Option --start-right-dir crashes gnome-commander
1.4.413 Nov 2014 09:17 minor bugfix: - Repaired support for user defined terminal - Updated translations (cs, de, eu, fi, id, sr, sr@latin) - Updated docs (cs, es)