Recent Releases

0.5.626 Apr 2018 10:05 minor feature: 1. UnicodeDecodeError for unicode routes (it's like sorcery).
0.5.317 Mar 2018 02:45 minor feature: Horrible typo! updated version: (v0.5.3).
0.5.212 Mar 2018 19:05 minor feature: Add license scan report and status . . . Merge branch 'master' of . in relationships.
0.529 Jan 2018 13:25 minor feature: Added monkey-patching to validation rules. (manual validation rules . Small glitches. . Updated README with features. . Tiny in filtering relations. . Added self on auth decorators to determine the calling methods' class . . 1. auth functions in order not to check for multiple returns. . in running chain of decorated functions. . 1. added HTTPException for auth functions. . 1. migrated all returned errors to HTTPException. . in getting relations that does not have relationship model. . Tiny in a relation's variable name. . Updated version (v0.5).
0.413 Jan 2018 03:15 minor feature: 1. updated utils' Node class to be a helper for both nodes and relations. 2. Added updating of relationship along with its data (StructuredRel). 3. Added getting relationship info per relation. 4. Added testing of relationship post and get.
0.311 May 2017 03:15 minor feature: added YAML and XML as serializers (JSON is the default), use Accept h?. CRLF!. CRLF!. Merge branch 'serializers'.
0.2.507 May 2017 20:59 security: Fixed authentication and authorization decorators. Added documentation about them.