Kodi 18.7.1-Leia

Kodi spawned from the love of media. It is an entertainment hub that brings all your digital media together into a beautiful and user friendly package. It is 100% free and open source, very customisable and runs on a wide variety of devices. It is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers and a huge community.

Tags media
License GNU GPLv3
State stable

Recent Releases

18.7.1-Leia01 Jun 2020 19:05 minor feature: Revert bump of ADDON_API to 18.7.1 (bump VERSION_CODE only).
18.7-Leia21 May 2020 08:05 minor feature: Bump for 18.7 final.
18.6-Leia01 Mar 2020 07:25 minor feature: Bump for 18.6 final.
18.5-Leia16 Jan 2020 03:15 minor feature: Bump for 18.5 final.
18.512 Jan 2020 10:24 minor feature: https://kodi.tv/article/kodi-leia-185-release