Recent Releases

1.7.1702 Jun 2020 06:05 minor bugfix: GUI: use newer ssh library to be able to connect to ubuntu focal VM: no "loader path specified and firmware auto selection disabled" error GUI: Use HTTPS in pom.xml security (Jonathan Leitschuh)
1.7.1608 Sep 2019 03:15 minor bugfix: GUI: drbd installation in debian buster
1.7.1507 Jul 2019 11:45 minor bugfix: GUI: switch to java 11 PCMK: make it work with corosync 3 PCMK: use --move,--clear options instead of --migrate in pacemaker PCMK: opensuse 15 corosync start/stop PCMK: make it work with ubuntu disco PCMK: jessie backports link
1.7.1425 Feb 2018 08:25 minor bugfix: Support for rhel 7
1.7.1311 Nov 2016 03:15 minor documentation: Use backports for jessie pacemaker installation Ubuntu yakkety support Opensuse 42.1 suppoert
1.7.1206 Sep 2016 03:15 minor bugfix: Exception, when known_hosts cannot be parsed Switch to java 8
1.7.1119 Apr 2016 03:15 minor bugfix: PCMK: status parsing DRBD: disabling DRBD source installation withoud --staging option
1.7.915 Nov 2015 03:15 minor documentation: Support for debian jessie Support for ubuntu wily
1.7.820 Apr 2015 13:25 minor feature: DRBD: fix config creation with DRBD 8.3
1.7.730 Mar 2015 06:05 minor feature: LVM: fix menus DRBD: fix adding drbd resources after LCMC restart PCMK: workaround for missing descriptions in fence agents GUI: add save as PNG in graphs
1.7.602 Jan 2015 17:18 minor feature: GUI: fix opensuse 13 detection DRBD: fix resource TCP port initialization DRBD: remove old installation methods
1.7.523 Dec 2014 15:09 cleanup: Refactoring: net interfaces. Fix status display of clones. Add cluster view factory.
1.7.407 Dec 2014 06:25 minor feature: PCMK: fix for pacemaker 1.1.12 GUI: fix popups not showing with java 8
1.7.331 Oct 2014 03:16 minor feature: VM: fix updating of VM paramerers GUI: fix "add depenedent service" popup menu
1.7.211 Oct 2014 14:34 minor bugfix: DRBD: after-sb-0pri / discard-node-nodename options. Fixed exception in context menus.
1.7.129 Sep 2014 00:25 minor feature: DRBD: 8.4.5 support PCMK: fix for 1.1.12 GUI: support for centos 7