LittleCMS 2.16

Little CMS intends to be an OPEN SOURCE small-footprint color management engine, with special focus on accuracy and performance. It uses the International Color Consortium standard (ICC), which is the modern standard when regarding to color management. The ICC specification is widely used and is referred to in many International and other de-facto standards. It was approved as an International Standard, ISO 15076-1, in 2005.

Tags color-management engine icc iso c
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

2.1611 Feb 2024 22:08 major feature: Changes New: import .CUBE files as RGB device links New: Read/Write MHC2 tags for Windows GPU access New: Support for UTF8 on multi-localized Unicode functions New: Support for OkLab color space, built-in and formatter. Improved: floating point transforms float - integer are now honored as float Improved: MSYS2, mingw is now supported Improved: preferred CMM, platform and creator now survives profile edition. Fixed: tificc now can deal with Lab TIFF Fixed: code can now be compiled by a C++17 compiler, "register" keyword use detected at compile time. Fixed: Reverted PostScript creation that corrupted some interpreters. Bug fixing