LGCK Builder

LGCK Builder is a development environment for side-scrolling games. It can be used by novices and seasoned developers alike for quick results. Simplicity and reusability of components is a core concept. LGCK runs on Windows/Wine, provides tile-free design, is object-oriented, cross-platform, makes programming optional, allows multiple background image layers.

Tags c++ lua qt sdl win32 code-generator sidescrolling game-framework
License GNU GPL
State development

Recent Releases Nov 2016 04:13 minor feature: ENGINE: replaced scene list w/ ptr; new events: Level.onHandler, Level.onGoalKilled; added borderColor, introBkColor, introTextColor; added experimental barebone runtimes (opengl, SDL, SFML); new game events: onPickup(), onSaveGame(), onLoadGame(); new game events: onRestartLevel(), onNotifyClosure(); new sprite event: EO_NOTIFYCLOSURE; new level event: EL_NOTIFYCLOSURE; custom scrolling layers (see layer_setOffset); tied EL_RESTART event with snapshot_reload; replaced FTGL w/ lgck's own font rendering code; added colorMod (primary light source); added scriptWizard; autoupdater to check for new versions; edit raw path (sprite); GUI to resize font size in the editor pane; SpriteWiz waypoint added; added Edit Images pop-menu item for sprites; testLevel nows allows to play a full game. LUA: updateJoyState(); callGameEvent(), sprite_unmarkAsGoal(); sprite:get(), sprite_set(); sprite:get()/set() can access EXTRA_XXXX values directly; sprite:hitTest(); display_sizeText(), Display:sizeText(); ss_drawText(), ss_paint(), ss_paintImage(), ss_clear(); Counters:inc(), Counters:dec(), Counters:add(); warpTo(), strv_get(), strv_set(), strv_del(); snapshot_take(), snapshot_reload(); layer_setOffsetX(), layer_setOffsetY(); SHL(), SHR(), ss_notifyClosure(). BUG FIX: When more than 10 Displays active, only the last one is displayed; random crash when sprite is added to main layer. Sep 2014 20:52 minor feature: Fixed texture bug in Windows, added wizscript icon, tied wizscript w/ spriteEvents, implemented intro, introbkcolor, introtextcolor.