libconfig - C/C++ Configuration file processing library 1.7.3

Libconfig is a simple library for processing structured configuration files, in a file format that is more compact and more readable than XML. And unlike XML, it is type-aware, so it is not necessary to do string parsing in application code. Libconfig is very compact — a fraction of the size of the expat XML parser library. This makes it well-suited for memory-constrained systems like handheld devices. The library includes bindings for both the C and C++ languages. It works on POSIX-compliant UNIX and UNIX-like systems (GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD), Android, and Windows (2000, XP and later).

License GNU LGPL
State mature

Recent Releases

1.7.306 Jul 2023 01:43 minor feature: This release includes some bugfixes and enhancements. Fixed a memory access violation bug in config_clear() Various fixes to CMake and Visual Studio build files Added a Setting::isString() method Fixed a bug in config_setting_lookup() where the setting itself (instead of NULL) would be returned if the path was not found. Renamed all remaining internal methods that lacked a 'libconfig_' prefix.
1.509 Mar 2016 04:57 minor feature: