Recent Releases

0.9.921 Feb 2021 17:38 major feature: - FAKE_RANDOM flag enables deterministic return values for getrandom(), e.g., for testing cryptographic implementations - new environment variable FAKETIME_TIMESTAMP_FILE to externally track a process' fake time - FAKE_SETTIME flag enables the interception of system calls such as clock_settime() and settimeofday() - various bugfixes
0.9.827 Aug 2019 07:30 minor feature: - Support for unknown clock ids - Fixes for recent glibc, gcc8, jemalloc - Improved file stat() faking - New features FAKETIME_FOLLOW_FILE, FAKETIME_XRESET and FAKETIME_DONT_RESET - Intercept also clock_nanosleep(), epoll_wait(), epoll_pwait(), and pselect() - Compile-time flag FORCE_MONOTONIC_FIX for platforms that otherwise hang on monotonic clock use
0.9.714 Nov 2017 19:53 minor feature: -added an option to disable monotonic time faking - added support for COARSE clocks - Preliminary support for CLOCK_BOOTTIME (Linux) - Fixed compilation on macOS (High) Sierra and various compiler warnings - Support for select() call added - Updated documentation