libnss-maria 0.9

Replacement for old libnss-mysql as naming service library in Linux. You can store user information in MariaDB/MySQL database. E.g. `ls` then automatically shows user name from the database, `getent` shows users and groups. ## Features - cmake build system - libconfig for configuration - uses direct queries and real_escape_string - uses threads.c from C11 - requirements: Glibc 2.28, GCC8, equivalent of Debian 10 (Buster) and newer, MySQL5.5+/MariaDB10.0+, mariadb-connector-c/mysql-client might work or compile on older systems, but it's untested

Tags authentication-directory nss c posix linux system-administrators information-technology
License GNU GPLv3
State initial

Recent Releases

0.912 Feb 2020 20:40 major feature: Initial beta release