Recent Releases

3.2.018 Feb 2024 12:04 minor feature: Rewrote initial startup, streamlining it and making it more robust. Updated gtk+ support to 3.24, fixing numerous interface / threading issues. Interface element updates, including a total rewrite of buttons, a new font chooser element based on gtkfontchooser. for example, interface buttons can now be properly resized and alter their background colours. Configuration directory can now be specified from the commandline (-configdir), the default is now /.config/lives Implemented a thread pool with generic worker threads, eliminating time consumed by thread thread startup / shutdown. The threadpool size is increased dynamically to ensure that there always sufficient thread resources available. Introduced the idea of lives_proc_threads. Literally any function can now run as a background thread, with monitoring, cancellation points, and collection of typesafe return results. Code from rpmalloc heap allocator is now included, enabling optimised memory handling in some specific cases. Disk space quota can be set for the application, and it will warn if the limit is close to being full. This is in addition to the low diskspace warning / critical levels. Implemented auto gamma correction, (sRGB, Linear, bt.709). Conversion is done via the threadpool. Implemented threading for swscale; also using the threadpool. Added a predictive caching mechanism to the player, Updated the plugin architecture (libweed) to version 2.0, updated the specs. for Weed, Weed Effects, Weed Audio Effects. libweed is now totally threadsafe. Some performance critical parameters are now tuned automatically using a cost minimisation function. Use a variable block size for buffered read / writes, optimisations for reading files in reverse order, and the read buffer sizes are now set using the auto tuning system. Optimised memory functions, colourspace conversions and frame decoding. Optimised communication with commandline plugins using popen() wherever possible
3.0.208 Sep 2019 14:05 minor feature: Update edit date . Code correctness. . Code correctness. . do check here. . Dialog breakage for encoding. . Dialog breakage for encoding pt 2. . Format code, add widget func wrapper. . Pref factory for omc_dev. . Oops. . Show splash earlier. . . Update. . Bump version, update po.
3.0.122 Aug 2019 13:32 major feature: A lot of the code has been completely rewritten, in particular the user interface which has been extensively updated. Here is the complete list of Changes: Fix for "Delete Set" not removing files from disk. Fix crash when selecting project directory with new install. Fix crash when starting playback with some generators (e.g. plasma) regression . Fix to prevent spurious file removal when checking for plugins in a non-existent directory. Fix occasional crash with audio driven video generators. Load theme correctly on fresh installs. Render silence to end of video if necessary during rendering. Improvements to openGL playback plugin, including much smoother playback. Re-enable Advanced options for the openGL playback plugin. Allow "Enough" in VJ / Pre-decode all frames Refactor code for timebase calculations during playback (better a/v synch). Overhaul external audio and audio recording to improve accuracy and use fewer CPU cycles. Auto switch to internal audio when entering multitack mode. Show correct effects state (on / off) when reshowing effect mapper window. Eliminate some race conditions between the audio and video threads. Implemented reference counting for realtime effect instances. Extensively rewrote the main interface, cleaning up the code and making many visual improvements. Improvements to online video downloader, clip size and format can now be selected, added an update option. Optimised recording when video generators are running. Bugfixes for pulseaudio and jack audio players. Improvements to the projectM filter wrapper, including SDL2 support. Eliminate race conditions when applying rendered effects. Record audio looping correctly. Fixes for moved files during crash recovery. Optimisations for libweed. Added an option to invert the Z-order in multitrack compositor (rear layers can now overlay front ones). Added support for musl libc (jorgenatz) Updated translations for Ukranian (Yuri Chornoivan) and Portuguese (Nany Cavalcante) + more
2.10.012 Sep 2018 08:05 major bugfix: regression with youtube download. Ensure audio waveform is redrawn after running fade audio. crash when adjusting cross-linked real time effect parameters (e.g LADSPA effects). an instability caused by NULL messages in the message cache (regression). possible crash when the real time effect parameters window is open during rendering. hang when clearing matches in the MIDI / JS learner window (GUI ). Improve the MIDI / JS tab in Preferences. Add pref for creating a dummy alsa MIDI output port. Add "OMC notify" to MIDI / JS mapper (MIDI - OSC, sends USER1 notify event to all listeners). Code cleanup. Standard checkbuttons and check menuitems now have their state set in the creation function. Remove "use_mnemonic" parameter for widget functions. Use widget_opts.mnemonic_labels instead. Amend the autolives toy so it can be triggered via OSC (and move to vj menu, add startup options). MIDI channel can now used as a filter instead of a parameter to be matched. Device mappings can now be shipped with builds. Improved a/v synch with pulse audio. Correct some minor GUI. -noset startup option now has a permanent effect. Add -asource internal external startup option. in setting loop mode via OSC. broken framerate after pause / unpause during realtime playback. Updated translation to Czech.
2.8.917 Mar 2018 08:05 minor bugfix: Dataloss and crash from 2.8.8
2.8.705 Jul 2017 15:45 minor bugfix: Remove glad.h dependence on khr. Prompt for clip name when rendering to new clip. autolives toy. Increase default frame size to 1024x768 for new installs. Allow override of frame size when encoding to ffmpeg / h264 format. breakage in the threaded progress window. Updated Ukrainian translation (Yuri).
2.8.626 May 2017 01:45 minor bugfix: Remove dependency on (deprecated) GLee. Show audio as volume levels in Clip Editor. Performance improvements for multitrack playback. Ensure that timeline track backgrounds are painted in multitrack (regression). Properly expand text width in the message info window. Improve zoom in multitrack (zooms around cursor rather than screen center). Prevent annyoing focus stealing when mt is backed up in the background. broken audio fade in/out (regression). external window capture (regression). crash in palette conversions. compilation with liblives scripting engine. for keys being in multitrack fullscreen preview. Code reformatting and tidying (W.I.P)
2.8.527 Apr 2017 19:05 minor bugfix: Audio loss when inserting without audio in clip editor (regression). Compiler error and warnings for gcc 7 ( Regression in mkv_decoder. Compiler warnings for openGL plugin. Change max seek allowed from 1 second to 2 seconds in avformat decoder. Update css state selectors for gtk 3.18+ Experimental support for Wayland. Updated translation to Ukranian (thaks Yuri).
2.8.401 Feb 2017 16:05 minor bugfix: Error in Insert Silence (regression). Minor with Undo Insert Silence. Minor GUI updates for Insert Silence dialog.
2.8.309 Jan 2017 08:25 minor bugfix: Correct errors in Cancel Insert from 2.8.2 Some minor with alarm timers. Trivial focus with Insert dialog in Clip Editor.
2.8.230 Nov 2016 05:45 minor bugfix: loss of audio when cancelling Insert operation in Clip Editor. Minor compilation for Toonz plugins. Updated translation to Ukranian (Yuri Chornoivan).
2.8.005 Sep 2016 09:45 major bugfix: Correct blank frame from 2.6.8 (add one to last frame). coding error when centering windows. Correctly parse the path variables for frei0r, libvisual and ladspa. Set nicer defaults for RGBDelay effect.
2.6.804 Sep 2016 06:25 minor bugfix: Which could result in blank frames / hang after deleting frames. Some internal with image types. a crash after recording a generator and cancelling. Correctly remove layouts directory if the clips in a set are deleted. Print info text if libav decoder cannot find a usable pixel format.
2.6.721 Aug 2016 06:45 minor bugfix: Breakage in single image loader (regression). Alter icon location to comply with LSB. For older libav.
2.6.516 Aug 2016 13:25 minor bugfix: with multitrack startup not showing clip editor on switch (regression). crash when statring in headless (nogui) mode (regression). Remove some deging output from 2.6.4 Update rte window after mapping effects via OSC. Add OSC commands /audio/source/set and /audio/source/get.
2.6.411 Aug 2016 11:45 minor bugfix: With opening new audio (regression). With yuv420p - rgb palette conversions (regression). Better centering of dialogs in some window managers. Error with setting / resetting midi raw in Preferences. Crash when opening clips with older versions of libav. Minor compilation. Updated translations to French and Ukranian.
2.6.307 Aug 2016 01:45 minor bugfix: which caused error moving sets with no layouts (regression). Optimise recording of generated frames. for recording audio from external pulse audio. incorrect recognition of single jpeg/png as video (regression). "Open Location" (regression). Use png rather than jpeg internally whenever possible. Improved support for mpv instead of mplayer. Add a few new effects ported from Toonz.
2.6.204 Apr 2016 15:05 minor bugfix: Which causes crash on new installs.
2.6.129 Mar 2016 03:45 minor bugfix: flickering in multi threaded palette conversion. Improved YUV / RGB palette conversions. Play selections should function even after switching clips, restarting playback. Add encoded files to global "recently used files". Implement new theming engine, allow custom themes / colours in Preferences. with layout reloading after crash. in setting in/out points in multitrack. showing of textbuffer parameters in effect windows (regression). possible minor memory leak when applying inplace effects (regression). crash / in MIDI / joystick learner. which prevented OSC clip changes during recording. Rewrite keyboard handler, ing keyboard repeat for ctrl-arrow keys. Allow for slightly longer strings in LiVES libOSC. Improvements to edge detect and onedTV filters. Compatibility updates for ffmpeg 2.9+ Add qtrle format and quality settings to ffmpeg_encoder. Add new VJ keys: ctrl-alt-space (change direction of background clip), ctrl-alt-page-up/down (adjust speed of background clip) Major code cleanup and optimisations. Minor compilation for gtk+ 2.x in finding of "Next filter map" in multitrack. Updated translation to Ukranian. Updated translation to Brazilian Portuguese.
2.6.003 Feb 2016 20:45 major bugfix: crash when applying rendered effects to virtual clips. Add h264/aac, wmv2, ffv1 and mjpeg encodings to ffmpeg_encoder. memory leak in new style gdkpixbuf converter. frame seek in avformat decoder with non-zero start time. Autoscroll "Show details" when encoding. Work around a gtk+ crash in GtkTextView with lots of text. Show missing libraries in ffmpeg_encoder. Show time remaining estimate for encoding for most encoder formats. OK / Cancel in the file chooser should immediately cancel any preview (regression). Add "Use current clip values" button when entering multitrack. memory leak in pulseaudio input analysis. Minor GUI improvements.
2.4.827 Jan 2016 06:45 minor bugfix: Hang in merge in Clip Editor (regression). Rendering error in multitrack (wrong clip number).
2.4.718 Jan 2016 23:45 minor bugfix: regression in "Insert Silence". background colour for notebook tabs in multitack (gtk+ 3.x) crash when entering Preferences dialog (GType error). Reshow timeline after hiding it. Update current time when clicking on timeline header in Multitrack (regression). Tested support for SDL 2.x (does not work) Trivial compiler for gtk+ 2.x
2.4.620 Dec 2015 22:05 minor bugfix: crashes and compatibility with gtk+ = 3.16 a with missing clips when reloading layouts. Minor GUI improvements. Minor compilation. Updates to French translation.
2.4.503 Dec 2015 14:05 minor bugfix: For undo after downsampling video (regression). Regression in resizing when encoding. Set default encoder to multi_encoder3 if python version = 3. Some message translation in dialog windows. Missing audio after loading new audio for a clip. Mplayer2 compatibility for ffmpeg_encoder. Minor for compiling without OSC. Remove support for transcode_encoder.
2.4.424 Nov 2015 17:25 minor bugfix: regression in audio resampling with sox. GUI improvements to joystick / midi learner for gtk+ 3.x GUI improvements for Events window. Add support for joystick analog stick control. Add improved warnings for letterboxing with missing imageMagick. overwide Clip Info windows.
2.4.317 Nov 2015 01:05 minor bugfix: occasional hang when inserting frames in clips. possible dataloss (effects applied) when re-entering multitrack mode. Work around a GTK+ where menu items with submenus can no longer be set insensitive. for setting cdplayer device in Preferences. gtk critical in clip info window. window sizing errors in rfxbuilder. for encoding with sox version 14.4.2 Theming updates for darker themes with gtk+ 3.x Add icedax as altname for cdda2wav. Make better use of missing CD device warning. Remove some spurious effect reinitialisations for webcams. Allow application of audio effects to the backing audio track in multitrack mode. Minor GUI improvements. Prepend current directory to filenames in startup options when necessary.
2.4.215 Sep 2015 06:25 minor bugfix: Crash after recording with pulseaudio external audio. Possible crash when converting from YUV420 to UYVY / YUYV. Memory in audio triggered video generators. Buttons in the progress dialog (regression). Occasional hang in shutdown via OSC. Minor for headless (nogui, noplaywin) modes. Increase size of deoutput window when encoding (Regression). For compiling without jack. Crash in mask_overlay effect. Some threading problems when running audio and video effects together. Improve OSC responsiveness during playback. For beat_detector, edge, vector_visualiser, and kaleidoscope plugins. Latency with pulseaudio external input. For opening unicap device during playback. Work around gtk+ for clips menu. Implement OSC commands /audio/mute/set, /audio/mute/get, /audio/volume/set, /audio/volume/get and /clip/open/unicap. refactoring for firewire grabbing. Re-enable button icons (via preference) and clean up stock button code.
2.4.110 Aug 2015 14:45 minor: NOTE: the LiVES homepage has moved to General compilation fixes. Compilation fixes for libav. Minor fixes for BSD compilation. Minor fix for initialisation of "alien_overlay" effect. Fix image file previews within File Open dialog (regression).
2.2.708 May 2015 17:05 cleanup minor: Add support for audio triggered generators. Add support for projectM (milkdrop) generators. Improvements to openGL playback plugin. Add permanent inputs in jack and pulse audio when handling external audio. Fix bug in chroma_blend transition. Further code cleanup. Fix text width for "show VJ keys" window. Remove unnecessary deinterlacing from threaded player. Added OSC commands /clip/selection/rte_apply, /clip/undo and /clip/redo. Add libvisual plugins to correct submenu (regression). Minor fixes for the rfx builder window. Minor fixes for merge in clip editor.
2.4.005 May 2015 00:25 major feature: Implement workaround for expose event problems in gtk+ 3.10. Fix threading crash in multitrack. Fix invalid saving of layouts in multitrack. Fix sizes of scrolled windows inside dialog boxes (regression). Fix timeline start position for gtkgrid widget in multitrack. Fix "fade background mode" (b) so it looks nice again. Stability fix for expose event during startup. Stability fix for mkv_decoder with broken end frames. Implement C++ language bindings (liblives). Fixes for several smaller issues (Thomas Berger). Code cleanup / reformat. Updated translations to UK English, French, Galician, German, Russian and Simplified Chinese.