Manitou-Mail 1.7.0

Manitou-Mail is a 3-part database-driven email system: a PostgreSQL database for the storage engine, a Perl daemon that does send/receive and customizable analysis/indexing of the mail, and a mailer-like user interface (C++/Qt) connected to the database. The general goal is to provide a database-style architecture to handle email, not just for storage but at the application level too. Fast and shared access, fine-tuned security, robust storage, consistent backups, auditing, statistics, and customized add-ons are possible.

Tags perl communications email
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.7.008 Nov 2017 17:11 major feature: Permanent tags counts. Navigation through segmented result sets. Send later for outgoing messages. Built-in image viewer.
1.6.020 Mar 2017 11:03 major feature: Users management. Statistics with charts and CSV export. Searchbar operators.
1.5.025 May 2016 17:55 major feature: Port to Qt5 Russian translation added Various bugfixes
1.4.016 Oct 2015 18:03 major feature: Added desktop notifications on Linux, incremental usability improvements, support for maildir, performance optimizations.