Recent Releases

2.0.207 Nov 2016 06:25 minor feature: This release updates the algebra system Yacas. It brings complete support for scientific notation. Changes: - Yacas 1.6.0 (master branch git cafc5a3) refer to for details.
2.0.110 Aug 2016 22:25 minor feature: This release updates the algebra system Yacas. Changes: - Yacas 1.5.0+ (develop branch git 22f4188) -- accept scientific notation "2.0e-3"
2.0.020 Apr 2016 23:22 minor feature: This stable release provides the recent version 1.4 of the algebra system Yacas.
0.1.904 Sep 2015 03:15 minor feature: This release enables drawing functionality inside mavscript templates. Drawj2d ( is required. Changes: - mavscript-yacas (init.ys) provides functions for Drawj2d: SetVar(), Att(), Drawj2d() - example template with Drawj2d drawing - example template using Markdown markup - Yacas 1.3.6+ (svn r3323 / git ac9da7d) -- native unicode support - mavscript-yacas transfers unicode chars to yacas, without parameter --ascii (Linux + Mac). - chars ² und ³ will not be converted to 2 und 3
0.1.830 Sep 2014 22:24 major feature: This release improves support for OpenDocumentText files (.odt) and adds experimental support for MS-Word files (.docx). The math backend Yacas now draws simple plots.
0.1.716 Sep 2014 00:56 major feature: This release improves LaTeX support. Support for Jasymca has been added. Jasymca is an algebra system with an Octave-like scripting language. The standard engine remains the computer algebra system Yacas, which has been updated.