Midnight Commander 4.8.19

Midnight Commander is a text-mode visual filesystem browser. (It's two-pane display emulates the venerable DOS Norton Commander). Apart from browsing files and directories, copying or renaming them, searching, editing, affecting permissions, it also provides virtual (zip and other archives) and remote file access (ssh, ftp). Via Ncurses it can run on the console, in a virtual terminal, or over remote connections.

Tags file-browser ncurses
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

4.8.1906 Mar 2017 11:25 minor feature: Replace MC_HOME with MC_PROFILE_ROOT, Allow rebind TAB key to change panel, Support for True Color, Color aliases in skin files, Support timestamps with nanosecond precision for copy/move operations, Introduce EXTFS helpers tester, Teach u7z to parse archive listings w/o sizes and/or dates, Teach rpm helper about transaction scripts, hp48, uace amp; uarc extfs which used an obsolete date format, Syntax:, updates of HTML and ebuild highlighting, highlight *.t, disassociate.cl file extension from LISP syntax, Add syntax highlighting:, OpenCL, R, YAML, Code cleanup, Add true color skins: 'Four seasons', Activate, Added new skin: YADT, Segfault on switching left panel to Info, Broken compatibility with ncurses, Setting MC_HOME makes mc ignore /.bashrc, Some in the parsing of hexadecimal search patterns, Hexadecimal search fails on binary data, Broken file list resorting on double click on panel header line, Wrong dialog resizing and positioning, Widget's 'disabled' status is not toggled immediately, Last item of 'Options/Layout/Horizontal' radiobuttons remains highlighted, 'Options/Layout/Equal split' checkbox gets reverted, Panels: cannot show more than one "column" in user defined listing mode, Mix of MSG_NOTIFY and MSG_FOCUS messages, skins: 'window-state-char' and 'window--char' are parsed as colors, Pressing lt;right gt; and lt;left gt; in the hotlist dialog doesn't refresh it, mcview: an error message about bad regexp isn't shown, mcedit: etags filenames parsing, mcedit: mouse active area for maximize / buttons, mcedit: frames, mcedit: frames, mcedit doesn't show search error messages when searching backwards, help viewer: tab characters handled incorrectly, VFS: incorrect zoo archive listing, VFS: segfault in VFSs not setting block size in stat
4.8.1804 Oct 2016 11:05 minor feature: Alt-Enter, Ctrl-Enter and Ctrl-Shift-Enter shortcuts are bindable in file manager, Internals:, Refactoring of widget subsystem, Add syntax highlighting:, GLSL, CUDA, Code cleanup, Build failure on FreeBSD, Incompatibility with NetBSD curses, Memory leaks, Subshell output lost on window resize under tmux, GNU screen, --with-subshell=optional does not work, Backward search is not interruptible, "Output lines" has no effect, Wrong handling of mouse clicks in long listing mode, Panelize resets marks on marked files in many cases, Cannot change directory in the active panel in some cases, Filtered View doesn't work, mcedit: don't kill bookmarks when open file from "Find File" dialog, man pages use "the MC" instead of "MC"
4.8.1710 May 2016 10:05 minor feature: Minimal version of Gettext is 0.18.1, Optimization of copy/move operations, Recognize csh as tcsh, ะกentered scrolling of file panel, Internals:, Switch to new high-level mouse API, FISH helpers: remove executable bit, Improvements of syntax highlighting:, F90, Java, Code cleanup, Install mc.keymap as a symlink to mc.default.keymap, File highlight: add more common file formats, Segfault due to incorrect value of SHELL environment variable, Segfault when copying files under FreeBSD 9.3, Segfault when entering into some cpio archives, Subshell output lost on window resize under tmux, GNU screen, Subshell cursor position lost after window resizing, Listbox no longer scrolls when dragging outside widget, VFS: extfs: incorrect date parsing in unzip, VFS: extfs: buffer overflow, VFS: patchfs: syntax error, VFS: fish: mistakes in ls Perl helper
4.8.1614 Mar 2016 02:25 minor feature: Support for ash + for bash, fish, Find file: empty file name matches any file name, Find file: empty value of "Content" is used instead of "Search for content" checkbox to disable search for content, Listbox: don't wraparound on mouse scroll, Internals:, Listbox: various ups, Split MSG_ACTION into MSG_ACTION and MSG_NOTIFY, Support lzip compression format, Support lz4 compression format, patchfs: support xz compression, Update uc1541 version, Add mc.ext patterns for initramfs / initrd, Add golang syntax, Update Puppet syntax, Code cleanup, Better subshell documentation, to the English man pages by Denys Vlasenko, Insufficient quoting in, Broken./configure --without-internal-edit, Memory leaks, No preallocation if appending during file copy, Cannot set mini-format for "brief" listing type, Info panel: incorrect inode information in some cases, Info panel: wrong device name with symbolic link, Info panel: buffer overflow, Regression: match filename, not full path in mc.ext, Broken case insensitive search in non-unicode locale, Error message prewith no sense "0:", mcedit: buffer overflow, mcedit: "Lower case selection" command in User Menu, mcedit: on ctrl-g, mcview: "Not found" result isn't reported in some cases, VFS: isofs doesn't show.dotfiles, VFS: isofs: cannot copy file from iso when Joliet without, VFS: extfs/unzip: enter into zip file fails with "inconsistent extfs archive", VFS: SFTP: various, VFS: FISH: provide major/minor info for block/char devices, Bashism in gitfs+ extfs helper, Non-portable invocation of man, mc-wrapper leaves MC_USER set, Broken silent opening of files in background, Run
4.8.1510 Jan 2016 00:45 minor feature: Minimal version of GLib is 2.26.0, Use the PATH environment variable to search for the executable when opening pipe, Support more than 2, Clarify file sorting in "Unsorted" mode, WGroupbox: respect dialog's colors, Highlight find file's result in internal viewer, s3 extfs vfs: and improvements, Add hidden option to choose full or base file name in the status line, Improvements of syntax highlighting:, Lua, PKGBUILD, Text alignment in Info panel, Select of menu file edit: change default button to "User", Recognize.gmo files as well as.mo ones, mc.pot comment tripping up Transifex and unportable inplace sed, A lot of code clean up, Documentation updates:, Spanish man and help: Diff Viewer section and minor, VFS garbage collection, Various memory leaks, Linux kernel-specific segfault on startup, Lost of Panelize contents in some cases, Wrong highlight of search result in case of "Regular expression" and "Whole words", "Whole words" search works only in Normal mode, View find results doesn't jump to match line if file is too short to scroll page, SFTP VFS: segfault, Segfault in "Find file" due to invalid UTF-8 sequences, Bash variable 'PROMPT_COMMAND' in pantheon-terminal
4.8.1309 Jan 2015 19:25 minor feature: New engine of user-friendly interruption of long-time operations
4.8.1204 Jul 2014 02:00 major bugfix: Speed up of file find. If cwd is a symlink it is kept at startup. Improve support of Zsh. Launch external editor/viewer without passing line number. Exit without confirmation by default. Simple user-friendly skin selector. Use .zip extension as preferred way to recognize ZIP archives. Configurable selection reset on CK_Store. Code cleanup. Adjust script permissions to installed ones. Fix name of FSF in add source files. Skin cleanups. Do not consider "String not found" message as error. Fixes: Broken build with NCurses. Incorrect tilde expansion in copy/rename/move dialog. Advanced chown: Escape on user list accepts value. Toggling hidden files using mouse doesn't update the other panel. Question mark in delete confirmation is on its own line. Popup dialogs wander upwards upon resize. Keypad '*' doesn't work with numlock off. Some inconsistencies in "Learn keys" UI. Unconventional behavior of "Display bits" dialog. Shift-Fn keys don't work in 256-color mode of tmux. mcedit: format paragraph produces inconsistent wrapping. mcedit: file out-of-date check on saving is botched. mcedit: 1st line is shifted after paragraph format. mcedit: trailing newline check applied too early when exiting. Inconsistency of the arrow's direction in the panel header line across skins. Possible segfault while passing messages to widgets. Possible segfault when freeing a VFS. Segfault in cpio VFS while reading corrupted RPM. Segfault in sftpfs VFS when trying to view a file. Incorrect handling of filenames with unrar v5. FISH VFS: remote panel confused by filenames with ' '. iso9660: xorriso shows only one depth.