mkcert 1.4.4

mkcert is a simple tool for making locally-trusted development certificates. It requires no configuration. It auto installs them for Apache, the system certificate and Firefox store to ease testing on https://localhost setups. Additonally supports MacOS and Windows environments.

Tags go https tls certificate
License BSDL
State development

Recent Releases

1.4.427 Apr 2022 03:45 minor feature: Drop "go vet" from CI due to false positives See golang/go#41205.
1.4.326 Nov 2020 17:05 minor feature: if an IP address, DNS name, or URI SAN is present, serverAuth is included. if -client is used, clientAuth is included. if an email address SAN in present, emailProtection is included.
1.4.226 Oct 2020 07:05 minor feature: Reduce certificate lifetime to 2 years and 3 months. Detect various flavors of Firefox (#225, #280). Build release binary for linux/arm64.
1.4.110 Nov 2019 16:05 minor feature: Use sudo when necessary to install in system-wide NSS stores. Add a -version flag. Speed up macOS execution by 4x for most users. Minor usability improvements (#182, #178, #188).
1.4.017 Aug 2019 16:05 minor feature: a minor typo in the README . Add a -client sufto filenames when generating client certificates. . Swap exec.Command("hostname") for os.Hostname(). . README: update example names. . Allow email SANs for S/MIME certificates. . README: document S/MIME certificates. . README: mention "example.test" as an example. . Support SLES OpenSUSE. . truststore_linux: autodetect CertutilInstallHelp. . Cleanup path logics with pathExists and binaryExists. . and add missing license headers. . truststore_nss: support multiple NSS databases. . cert: use os.Hostname for the OU, and add the long form user name. . Import by its correct name. . README: use GOBIN instead of GOPATH/bin. . Add serverAuth EKU to client certs for Service Mesh mTLS setups. . README: revert to (go env GOPATH). . Add support for URL SANs. . .travis.yml: disable cgo for all release binaries. . Add staticcheck to CI. . Backdate notBefore to support macOS Catalina. . markdown formatting. . Add link to Chocolatey in README.
1.3.003 Feb 2019 03:15 minor feature: -ecdsa to generate ECDSA private keys. -client to generate client certificates. -csr to sign certificate signing requests. TRUST_STORES to select what stores to install into. Add "Firefox" support on macOS. Set the CommonName when generating PKCS#12 files for IIS.
1.2.007 Jan 2019 15:30 minor bugfix: Add -cert-file, -key-file and -p12-file flags. Add some helpful lines to docs and output. Fix Java failure modes on Windows.