Recent Releases

2.224 May 2020 16:26 major feature: 2.2 (2020-5-22) Added support for oilshell (osh; will display its messages as a single printf so that make -j does not look really weird.
2.1.126 Jun 2019 16:59 major feature: 2.1.1 (2019-6-25) env-cc: Fix getconf/cflags_system. Fix putsnonl function when 'echo' is in use.
2.1.027 Dec 2018 19:24 major feature: 2.1.0 (2018-12-27) Add test for shell interpolation bug. Use printf if possible for POSIX compliance. env-cc: Fix cflags_shared. env-cc: Pick up all cflags* and ldflags* defaults from the environment. Fix processing of LDFLAGS. Support .m extension. Support command line set of env vars (must be quoted). env-cc: Add support for DragonFlyBSD. env-cc: Add support for pkgconfig files (findpc).
2.0.012 Aug 2018 15:38 major feature: 2.0.0 (2018-8-12) C: split CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, LIBS into multiple environment variables for easier processing. D language is probably broken. C: fix shared flags C: Various bug fixes for msys2, tru64, etc. Clean up interfaces to, Clean output style for Added compilation log file. Added 'findconfig' and 'addconfig' commands for * files. Removed 'findincludefile' command. Remove (now part of
1.3112 Apr 2018 04:38 minor bugfix: 1.31 (2018-4-11) env-cc: update findincludepath to search more common paths. Remove Makefile and MANIFEST from standard distribution.
1.3010 Apr 2018 11:44 cleanup: 1.30 2018-4-10 Repo got completely mucked up. Restore lost code. C: size: -lintl option for modern libintl.h. C: printf_long_double : -lintl option for modern libintl.h. Minor code cleanup. Update copyrights.
1.2908 Apr 2018 17:27 cleanup: Updated packaging.
1.2819 Jun 2017 14:09 minor feature: Cleaned up some compiler warnings; More fixes for msys/mingw.