Recent Releases

1.32.703 May 2024 13:25 minor bugfix: Ports/cmake: Work around in CMake that does not detect FPU on Apple ARM CPUs (github PR 14).
1.32.604 Apr 2024 03:25 minor bugfix: Build: Detect forced 64 bit offsets on a dual-mode system that used to default to 32 bits and drop ambiguous suf-less symbols in that. Case. This avoids subtle ABI breakage (causing memory corruption) With existing binaries and instead has them fail during runtime linking. You trigger that when having -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 in your compiler. Flags during mpg123 build.
1.32.518 Feb 2024 01:30 minor bugfix: - build: -- CMake port uses CFLAGS for pulse/jack/tinyalsa properly now (bug 366). -- CMake port links libsyn123 with libm now (bug 370). - libmpg123: -- Fix --enable-portable (no usage of LFS_WRAP_NONE, bug 368). -- Fix dct36 wrapper usage for x86-64 and NEON. Stupid (bug 367) and also avoid returning void. -- Make ARM builds work with nagging (missing feature macros for std=c99).
1.25.611 Aug 2017 20:20 minor feature: Releasing mpg123 version 1.25.6: An overflow fix, this time for layer II Hotfix for bug 255: Overflow reading frame data bits in layer II decoding. Now, all-zero data is returned if the frame data is exhausted. This might have a slight impact on performance, but not easily measurable so far.
1.25.509 Aug 2017 20:08 minor feature: More overflow fixing There was a longer-lasting buffer read overflow in the ID3 parser because code added in 2008 did not take care of possible integer overflow in an addition on platforms where long is 32 bits wide. This has been reported as bug 254. Upgrade on 32 bit platforms highly recommened, of course. We are still not talking about something nasty like code injection, but possible denial of service, although it was only recently discovered by the AddressSanitizer.
1.23.025 May 2015 02:57 minor feature: Added mpg123 --no-infoframe. Clip decode tables for large amplification with fixed-point decoders. Without that, high-pitched distortion enters really quickly when trying to increase volume even if output samples would not be clipped, weren't it for fixed-point math. Warning messages also start with a line break now to better fit in with verbose playback. Reporting of clipped samples also includes a line break now.
1.21.012 Oct 2014 02:28 minor feature: Use LL as shortcut for LOADLIST remote command, L is taken already. Less namespace pollution (MPG123_EXPORT in header instead of EXPORT.