NuttX 7.7

NuttX is a real-time operating system. It strives to be lean, POSIX-compliant and portable. It runs on ARM, Atmel AVR, x86, MIPS, Hitachi and Zilog CPUs. It's modular, very configurable, scalable, is pre-emptive, provides core task management, FIFO and round-robin scheduling, realtime support, priority inheritance, tickless operation, POSIX/ANSI and VxWorks task controls, has message queues, semaphores, timers, signals, pthreads, environment variables, virtual filesystem support, BSD sockets, MMU usage and paging. It supports FAT16/32, NFS, NXFFS, ROMFS, procfs, SD/MMC cards, syslogging, ELF and NXFLAT executables, TFTP and FTP or HTTP file transfers, USB devices, I2C, I2S, framebuffer graphics, uClibc++, and TCP/IP and various other network protocols.

Tags c operating-system kernel rtos
License BSDL
State stable

Recent Releases

7.727 Jan 2015 12:25 major feature: Add logic to clean up after task_delete() or pthread_cancel(). Stack coloration: Replaced CONFIG_DEBUG_STACK with CONFIG_STACK_COLORATION. New joystick and generic serial driver. Add procfs write support. Implemented wear-leveling in the SmartFS. Many new fonts converted for use with NuttX. IPv4 support is now conditioned on CONFIG_NET_IPv4. Many new hardware/plattform features or changes added. Added support for a variadic ioctl() function. Add CRC8 support to the C library. Added support for the expm1 functions. Basic IPv6 support was completed. Much of the work in this release is focused on the realization of Unix-style user processes in NuttX.
7.514 Oct 2014 08:45 major feature: Watchdog Timer Allocation, Address Environment Support, System Startup from filesystem, initial board initialization on a separate worker thread, Add a simple physical page allocator based on the existing NuttX granule allocator. Add implementation and documentation for shmget, shmctl. Add support for a per-process virtual page allocator. SMART FS procfs updates. Change all occurrences of NxConsole to NxTerm. Standardize a PHY interrupt attachment interface. The default host is now x86_64 and the -m32 option will be automatically selected for simulation builds. Re-implemented poll() delay using sem_timedwait(). Extend the NSH network initialization logic. Many bugfixes were also applied.