OcLaunch 0.3.0-pre2

Launch commands, one drop at time. The purpose of OcLaunch is to easily launch command one by one. Since it's a command-line tool, you can use it almost everything, from GUI to CRON task. What is it? OcLaunch: Command-line program allowing you to launch program on a human basis. Don't let a clock plan things! For example, here is a typical session (you open a terminal emulator between each item): You open your first terminal, your chat client is opened, On second launch of a terminal, your task list is displayed, On third launch, everything has been done. You will not see anything more. Benefits You enjoyed the many benefits of OcLaunch: Ability to launch command-line program easily on start up See your task being done alone Easiness of edit, disablement and review.

Tags terminal-emulator shell ocaml console linux unix developers system-administrators
License CECILL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.3.0-pre219 Apr 2016 07:45 minor feature: All test are now passing. Improve consistency between test file. Code cleaning. Started to rewrite command line parsing. Continue rewriting. Finished to rewrite command line parsing. Update changelog. Updated most of the documentation. Updated test script. Code cleaning. Add licencing functionality. Updated CHANGELOG. Tips messages are less important than info ones. Code cleaning. Improve Summary and Help messages. Code cleaning. Add benchmark for a swaping command. Correct and try new algorithm. Improve number used to generate file when editing. Add test for some functions of the module Edit_command. Reorganize summary. Preserve order order of the subcommands. Use Core_bench now (Getting Error). Add test to another function. Correct code, so that test are passing. Allow to invoke without argument or with a number, for backward compa?. Updated TODO. order problem with arguments of reset command. Code cleaning. Merge../code-mirror into cmd-parsing. Code cleaning. Correct mistake. Add contribution guide, referring to the website. Add idea of plugin. Highlight use case of the beginner. Add source explanation, to help contributors. Merge branch 'dev' of gitlab.com:WzukW/oclaunch into dev. Prevent locker from staying after the program shutdown. Limit wait time. We need to lock back. Update CHANGELOG. Add function to ask for confirmation. NOT WORKING Add optional arguments for the reset command. Split into 2 subcommands, since we can't use 2 anonymous argument. Improve locker management. Tested reset, working, so I update tips. Change Message.confirm to make it work. Complete CHANGELOG. Correct mistakes with the licence. Update list subcommand to new tmp file format. Improve doc. Update comment. Back dev.json to normality, with a dubble entry, see #12. Code cleaning. Code cleaning. Allow to use edit command without argument. Improve editing messages. Add reediting to edit command. mistake in help. Restore state subcommand, not working properly. Add architecture to the na
0.2.230 Dec 2015 08:32 major feature: Major functionality: Messages displayed with bold, underline and colors. Allow to install from opam throw opam pin add pkg repo Allow to set tmp file with environment variable OC_TMP . See #9 and #6 Add options: -v to set verbosity. --no-color to toggle color off --edit is synonym of --modify now Minor functionality: Improve resetting: tips, way to roll back Add unit tests, to improve stability Clean help Better display after editing an entry. Ignore empty lines and fix #10 Use lazyness to speed up and lead to less error Locking tmp file to prevent launching two times the same item Correct bugs: When executing oclaunc -r more than once, it tries to delete an unexisting file and this led to errors. When some variable like EDITOR was not set, it was crashing everytime. Now, it crashes only if there is no other solution. See http://oclaunch.eu.org/blog/release-0.2.2_diasp for more.