Recent Releases

1.5.015 Apr 2015 06:25 major feature: Created Reset Actions including an AUTO reset action that will look at the state before issuing either a hard or soft reset. Changed Reset Job to use the new actions. Added an optional Reset Action to Run Job. Added an ParameterisedExecutable concept to allow jobs to be run with parameters. Timer STARTED state is not complete so a Cascade will wait for timers to complete. Fixed bug where lastStateEvent was not reflected in a JMX client.
1.4.005 Nov 2014 21:05 major feature: Timers can now be forced to complete. Added a classPath property to AntJob. Added the ability to set System properties via the system flag on the Properties Job. StructuralJob's default state operator has been changed back to WORST from ACTIVE. It is felt this is more intuitive in most cases. Support recursive directory wild card matching in Files Type with **. Added flag to delete job to stop accidently deleting root and added extra logging. A Map Type has been added. The keys must be strings but the values can be any type. Structural jobs no longer attempt to Stop their children when destroyed. This allows child jobs to distinguish between being stopped and destroyed. Timers now use a separate TimerState not a ParentState. This allows them to be STARTABLE like services. Service states have been renamed from READY to STARTABLE and COMPLETE to STOPPED. These states have different icons which makes it easier to see the overview of a job sequence from Oddjob Explorer. If job will now supports an asynchronous child job. Added a new Service Finder to the Arooa Tools so that components can find services themselves. Structural jobs (sequential/parallel) will not time out when stopping. The stop flag will remain true so that the job will eventually stop. The List type will now accept elements being added on the fly via a new add property. Repeat Job will now work with any Iterable set of values, i.e. A List. There is a new Sequence Type that creates integer sequences as an iterable. This can be used with Repeat Job and For Each job for instance. Tee type can now be used with an input stream to create a wire tap of what is read from the stream. The Log Panel in Explorer will now show TRACE messages. The ScriptJob class loader can now be set. URLClassLoader type now just creates one class loader when it's configured, not a new one each time it was resolved. AppendType is now configured with a file attribute like FileType and it also shares the same designer. Invoke job