Open Lighting Architecture 0.10.9

The Open Lighting Architecture is a framework for lighting control information. It supports a range of protocols and over a dozen USB devices. It can run as a standalone service, which is useful for converting signals between protocols, or alternatively using the OLA API, it can be used as the backend for lighting control software. OLA runs on many different platforms including ARM, which makes it a perfect fit for low cost Ethernet to DMX gateways.

License Mixed
State initial

Recent Releases

0.10.927 Jul 2023 02:35 minor bugfix: Features: Python 3 compatibility across the board (including the RDM Responder Tests)!. #1506. Support for the JMS USB2DMX PRO V2.1 device via the FTDI plugin #1728. API: Python: Add a fetch current DMX example. RDM Tests: Python 3 compatibility of the RDM Tests #1599. a longstanding in the GetMaxPacketSize RDM test around timeouts. : some tests not working on Big Endian machines because our RPC is encoded with native format and those tests used sample data from a Little Endian machine. Renamed EndpointNoticationEvent(sic) to EndpointNotificationEvent in the E1.33 EndpointManager code. Check if librt exists and add it to the build if required. Ensure we can build on later Protobuf and C++ and silence deprecation messages where required. the NetBSD build. Clarify the usage of some of the various Enttec Open DMX USB plugins. Relax the timing on the ClientWrapperTest so it doesn't fail occasionally. #1714. Correct the documentation of some existing limits in the E1.31 plugin. some undefined behaviour in TimeoutManager::ExecuteTimeouts #1726. UARTs on Debian Bullseye #1749. Python version detection for versions 3.9 #1755, #1780. Update Angular and Angular-Route versions used by the new web UI and add workaround to be compatible #1782 Debian #1016447. Significantly reduce the delay when using StreamingClient with EPoll and multiple universes #1793. Internal: Add more deging so we can tell why setting the baud rate failed. Replace "currentThread" with "current_thread" in Python since the former has been deprecated. lots more internal typos and grammar. Add unit tests for more of the Python RDM Test classes. Sort the Python imports with isort.