OpenMPT is a popular tracker software for Windows. OpenMPT (short hand for Open ModPlug Tracker) is completely free and allows you to create and play back some great music on your computer. Based on the original ModPlug Tracker written by Olivier Lapicque, OpenMPT is free software, can import a wide variety of module formats and offers an intuitive, native GUI as well as advanced features such as VST plugins and ASIO output. In addition to its own song format, OpenMPT can natively edit Impulse Tracker, FastTracker, Scream Tracker and ProTracker module files. Read more about it on the features page!

Tags audio tracker
License BSDL-2
State stable

Recent Releases Jun 2024 12:05 major bugfix: General tab Updates received from other views could cause unintended data changes (e.g. truncating fractional tempo if it is technically unsupported by current format). Since OpenMPT 1.30, it was possible that leftovers from a previously visited tab could remain visible under some circumstances. Pattern tab. Navigating up on the first row of a pattern with "Play whole row while navigating" enabled but "Continuous scroll" disabled played the row and advanced to the second row instead of doing nothing ( After deleting an effect, it was possible that its now-invisible parameter could still affect effect memory in S3M files. Other formats. Imp MED: Additional command pages can now be read ( Imp MED: Echo DSP is now emulated ( AMS: Default channel panning was broken, using all-center panning instead of MOD-style panning. STP: Correctly import volume slides where both nibbles are set. DSm: Only the first 48 samples were ever read. DSm: Don't import as Amiga module (and thus allow Amiga resampler to be enabled), as this PC format can easily exceed the Amiga frequency range. STM / STX: Don't set channel panning. ScreamTracker 2 only outputs mono sound. Third-Party Libraries. Imp Update ancient (v2.2.0) and UnRAR (v7.0.9). May 2024 20:05 major bugfix: Pattern tab Find Replace: In the plugin parameter dropdown, parameter 999 was missing if the number of plugin parameters was unknown. Comments tab. Sample / instrument name editing was broken since OpenMPT (tx SoDa7). Playback. The OPL emulation produced unwanted clicks with mix rates exceeding 65 kHz ( MIDI macro command s didn't compute the correct checksum if a device ID was made up from two bytes (e.g. Roland XV-5080). IT. Imp Disable a few more compatibility flags for ITs made with older Schism Tracker versions ( Mod Halve the output volume of files saved with ChibiTracker, as its mixer is about half as loud as ours. XM. Imp Detect files saved with PlayerPRO. Improved detection of files saved with ModPlug Tracker. Mod Files with impossibly small pattern headers are now rejected, like FastTracker 2 does. S3M. Imp Detect files saved with PlayerPRO. In mono mode, the ratio between sample and OPL volume was incorrect ( MOD. Mod Changed VBlank timing heuristic to always assume CIA timing when long samples are found. Disable NoiseTracker quirks if empty sample slots have a default volume other than 0 ( 7-bit panning detection may have returned incorrect results for MODs with a channel count other than 4. Other formats. Imp STK: Loosen SoundTracker file rejection heuristics a bit to allow loading of files with overly long samples (romantic.stk) and malformed song titles (schmokk.mod, scramble_2.mod and others). Other heuristics has been tightened a bit. Imp MED: Improve handling of default tempo, panning and channel volume in files containing more than one song. Mod MO3: Further reduce maximum allowed music data (not samples) size from 2 GiB to 512 MiB. Mod MDL: Slightly more accurate import of pattern command 9 (enabling enve Mar 2024 03:16 major bugfix: Sample tab Imp Audio is no longer blocked while updating the GUI after pasting a sample. VST / DMO Plugins. Mod The "Triangle" waveform in the Chorus / Flanger DMO plugins is now labelled "Square" instead to reflect its actual behaviour. There was a periodic click when playing a module using the Chorus or Flanger DMO plugin at a mix rate exceeding 136.5 kHz ( Since OpenMPT, the Distortion plugin sounded incorrect when using certain parameter combinations. IT. In OpenMPT, MIDI macros in IT files made with older MPT versions were no longer working ( Other formats. MED: Transposed samples were playing too low in some files (e.g. mix94.mmd1). OKT: Some files with garbage at the end were rejected (e.g. katharsis - piano lesson.okta). SymMOD: potential crash with malformed sustain loops. Misc. New Added two more octaves worth of note key assignments suitable for micro-tuning ( File / sample sizes in the instrument browser and comments tab were displayed incorrectly if a file size less than 1024 bytes ended in 0. Third-Party Libraries. Imp Update ancient (2024-03-23). Mar 2024 07:05 major bugfix: Tree view The search filter was no longer applied when the instrument library was refreshed. Pattern tab. New Using the new hidden setting "Pattern Editor.IgnoreSongTimeSignature", it is now possible to ignore the time signature provided by the module and use the pre-configured defaults from the Display tab instead ( Notes no longer hang on transpose or data entry ( Data Entry could insert volume column commands even in MOD format when turning "virtual" default volume commands into real commands. This feature of Data Entry is now disabled for MOD files, as the alternative - moving the newly-added command to the effect column - would be counter-intuitive ( Assigning / unassigning a plugin to / from an instrument didn't update their plugin editor button in the pattern tab. Sample tab. New Can now convert sustain loops to normal loops and vice versa. If both loop types are set, the commands swap the two loops. Transpose value was sometimes off-by-one after manually entering sample rate. Reset sample reverse flag when loading new samples or converting between formats. Avoid accidental single-pixel sample data selections and jumpy selection start / end points with zoomed-out or auto-zoomed samples (quite likely introduced in OpenMPT Instruments. Imp SFZ: global_label opcode (instrument name) is now read and written. Imp SFZ: Sustain point is no longer set on volume envelopes if it's the last point of the envelope and its value is neutral (0). SFZ: Jan 2024 12:32 major bugfix: Pattern tab - Mod Fixed volume and envelope position issues when seeking with sample sync and the target row contained a note without instrument number. Sample tab - Fix IFF: The workaround for 8SVX files with claimed zero-length body chunks (to accomodate for was too aggressive, causing also files with empty NAME chunks to not load properly ( - Fix IFF: 16-bit mono samples were saved as little-endian instead of big-endian. - Fix Remove cue points from newly-created samples after slicing at cue points. The old cue points no longer make sense in the context of the new sample. VST / DMO Plugins - Mod MIDI data is no longer sent to bypassed VST plugins. - Fix The new instrument plugin tone portamento mechanism broke after encountering a note-off event. Bundled plugins - Fix MIDI I/O Plugin: Fix potential crash while suspending. Misc - Imp MIDI pitch bend is now applied to samples outside of the pattern view as well (e.g. sample / instrument / comments tab). - Fix Improve scrolling support for laptops with precision touchpads ( - Fix Clear find text boxes in keyboard configuration when manually switching categories dropdown to avoid inconsistent display. Third-Party Libraries - Imp Update ancient (v2.1.1), Crypto++ (v8.8.0), FLAC (v1.4.3), unrar (v6.2.10) and zlib (v.1.3)