Recent Releases

23.0911 Jan 2024 02:57 minor feature: See Release Notes for changes.
22.0205 Jul 2023 20:27 major feature: The 22.02 release includes hundreds of new features, bug fixes, and UI improvements, more than we could ever fit into one set of release notes. These notes summarize the highlights of the entire release; for more detail consult the notes from the five previous public beta releases. Please note that version 22.02 is required for Macs running macOS 13.0 or later. New Features Rocket design features Pods and strap-on boosters Tail cones Freeform fins on nose cones and transitions Highly configurable rail buttons Massive update to parachute configuration and part library Dave Cook's extensive component library now built-in Coefficient of Drag Override for components and assemblies (and more flexible override settings in general) Lots more detailed geometry warnings which identify the components involved Appearance updates Settable opacity per-component Separate left/right appearance for fins, and inner/outer appearance for tubes App Infrastructure Packaged installers for Windows, Linux, and macOS (JAR file still available) Updated to Java 11 Native ARM version for Apple Silicon Macs (snappy!) File association for ORK files: double-click files to open in the app On Mac, app stays open after last window is closed Simulation and Staging Improvements Assorted CP calculation fixes Improved nose cone drag calculations Improved ground hit velocity calculations Completely reworked tube fin simulation (no longer "experimental") Improved time step selection for descent Improved simulation plot appearance Support for scientific notation and custom decimal places in simulation exports Simulations now properly account for disabled stages Update CG correctly when stages are toggled on or off Display stage names in stage enable buttons More reliable deployment of booster stage recovery device UI Improvement
15.0323 Apr 2018 15:44 major feature: Changes include: Support for scripting in simulation extensions Experimental support for tube fins Custom default mach number Improved preferences UI Fin fillet masses (no aero effects though) Custom icons for different mass types (altimeter, hardware, etc) Mass in the tool tip on the component tree. And numerous little bugs and annoyances fixed