Perl 5.23.0

Perl is a family of high-level, general-purpose, and dynamically interpreted programming languages. It borrows some syntax from C, Unix Shells, and AWK or SED, and more or less reinvented modern regular expressions. Perl 5 is the current mainstream version, with over 20 years of development. CPAN provides a modular packaging system, and allows Perl to be used for web applications, graphics programming, networking, system adminstration, and many sciency applications.

Tags perl c regexp perl5 awk shell cpan
License Artistic
State development

Recent Releases

5.23.022 Jun 2015 12:46 minor feature: Unicode 8.0 is now supported. Incompatible Changes: The / C/ character class has been removed. It was deprecated since 5.20, and now leads to a compile-time error. chdir('') no longer chdirs home. Updated Modules and Pragmata. Selected bugfixes. Perl 5.23.0 represents approximately 3 weeks of development since Perl 5.22.0 and contains approximately 86,000 lines of changes across 480 files.
5.22.003 Jun 2015 01:25 major feature: New bitwise operators. New double-diamond operator. New b boundaries in regular expressions: qr/ b gcb /, qr/ b wb /, qr/ b sb /. Non-Capturing Regular Expression Flag. Use re 'strict'. Unicode 7.0 (with correction) is now supported. Use locale can restrict which locale categories are affected. Perl now supports POSIX 2008 locale currency additions. Better heuristics on older platforms for determining locale UTF-8ness. Aliasing via reference. Prototype with no arguments. New :const subroutine attribute. Fileno now works on directory handles. List form of pipe open implemented for Win32. Assignment to list repetition. Infinity and NaN (not-a-number) handling improved. Floating point parsing has been improved. Packing infinity or not-a-number into a character is now fatal. Experimental C Backtrace API. Perl is now compiled with -fstack-protector-strong if available. The Safe module could allow outside packages to be replaced. Perl is now always compiled with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 if available.