pgweb 0.14.2

pgweb is a web-frontend in Go to browse PostgreSQL 9.x databases. It easily connects to a running local or remote server, shows tables and rows, can detail the table and column type attributes, run SQL queries, and export results to CSV. It's cross-platform and easily started from the console and then be accessed per browser.

Tags go postgresql database browser web-based
License MITL
State stable

Recent Releases

0.14.230 Oct 2023 11:05 minor feature: Release 0.14.2 NEW: Execute tests using PostgreSQL 16, GH-691. : Undatabase sessions and tunnels, GH-688. : Use pg_table_size for table stats query, GH-685. : Use `HasSuf` to correctly determine URL pre, GH-684.
0.11.910 Oct 2021 08:25 minor feature: Releases are built on Go 1.17. Build time correction, GH-521. broken assets URL path pre, GH-525. Update docker build image to alpine:3.14, GH-522. Upgrade gin dependency to v1.7.4, GH-527. Add FreeBSD startup script, GH-520.
0.11.810 Jul 2021 03:15 minor feature: Releases are built with Go 1.16. Add ARM64 v7 build target, GH-497. Switch to Go modules for dependency management, GH-509. Switch to Go embed for static assets management, GH-510. Add Darwin/ARM64 build target (Apple Silicon), GH-513.
0.11.719 Oct 2020 10:25 minor feature: Releases are built with Go 1.15. Show results row context menu on custom query results, GH-457. Do not terminate if local authentication failed on start, GH-463. Do not show other databases if session is locked, GH-470. Strip deinformation from binary to reduce size, GH-489. Disable autocomplete on database search field, GH-492. Improve windows connection error matching during start, GH-493.
0.11.622 Feb 2020 02:05 minor feature: Add CLI options for SSL key, cert and root certs GH-452 . Remove double click action on cell GH-455 .
0.11.517 Dec 2019 18:25 minor feature: Add basic SQL keyword autocompletion, GH-443. SSH Private Key handling update (encrypted keys are supported now), GH-445. Include Go version into pgweb --version output, GH-447. long table name in the sidebar, GH-448. Add SQL objects (table,views,etc) autocompletion, GH-449. Include Go version into info API endpoint, GH-450.
0.11.406 Oct 2019 07:45 minor feature: SQL export filename, GH-438. Update Docker image to alpine:3.10, GH-439. Drop unsupported pg_dump options from connection string, GH-441. Misc code cleanup and formatting, GH-442.
0.11.325 Jul 2019 03:25 minor feature: Misc: add script to update homebrew formula version, GH-423. Destructive keyword restriction in read-only mode, GH-421. Make database object searchable in sidebar, GH-434. Update lib/pg to 1.1.1, GH-435.
0.11.218 Feb 2019 16:25 minor feature: Table row estimation query for camelcase schemas, GH-414.
0.11.129 Jan 2019 03:16 minor feature: Typo. Add Base64 javascript encoder/decoder to replace deprecated window.atob call, GH-405. startup error when DATABASE_URL is set, GH-406. user auto detection when USER env var is not set, GH-408. Switch bindata dependency to use maintained fork:, GH-409.
0.11.025 Dec 2018 10:05 minor feature: Tweak sidebar database object counters styles, GH-400. Do not exit with error if local server is not running, GH-399. SSH host verification check, GH-398. Scope activity list to current database only, GH-397. Show current release version and check for updates, GH-396. Force switch back to default connection settings view, GH-395. row count estimation, GH-394. Print out failed query SQL and args with --deflag, GH-393.
0.10.029 Nov 2018 05:45 minor feature: relation not found errors when dealing with table names that have uppercase characters, GH-356. Dockerfile updates, GH-357. Check if pg_dump is available before running database export, GH-358. Improvements to CockroachDB integration, GH-365. Add EstimatedTableRowsCount to avoid count in large tables, GH-366. Automatically set table filter option to 'equals' if its not set, GH-370. Dependencies update and switch to dep, GH-375. Add column context menu item to get numeric stats, GH-377. with connection string builder, GH-378. Include rows count to numeric stats view on table column, GH-379. Make localhost to be a default db host, GH-380. Clear out connection settings/bookmark on login screen when running in session/connect mode. Add table row context menu with actions, GH-381. Allow settings url prewith URL_PREenv var, GH-387. JSON marshal panic when dealing with NaN values, GH-388. startup behavior when user did not provide a database name, GH-389.
0.9.1224 Apr 2018 17:05 minor feature: Add link to view database connection string format on login page. Include constraint name under "constraints" tab, GH-343. Misc CI and config changes.
0.9.1109 Dec 2017 03:15 minor feature: ssl mode for the connection url in the bookmarks, GH-320. Add support for CORS, GH-321. custom query results counter for empty queries, GH-322. Reorganize the table context menu, GH-323. Disable database connection string text field autocomplete, GH-327. Add db preto the table export files, GH-329. Add database view context menu with export actions, GH-330.
0.9.1005 Nov 2017 06:45 minor feature: Make idle connection timeout configurable, GH-282 . panics when sshinfo is not set on bookmarks, GH-296 . Dot now allow using startup bookmark in multi-session mode, GH-300 . Add ability to copy table name from the sidebar, GH-301 .
0.9.929 Sep 2017 15:25 minor feature: Automatically format JSON data exports, GH-255 . Update Docker image to alpine:3.6, GH-256 . Print out PostgreSQL server version on start in a single-session mode, GH-264 . Record last query timestamp for the client connection, GH-265 . Add context menu for table headers in browse mode (copy name, see unique values), GH-268 . Add ability to export current database dump, GH-270 . Automatically open pgweb in browser on start if its already running, GH-272 . Connect to the database with credentials provided by a third-party backend, GH-266 . Automatically idle sessions (no activity in 24), GH-275 . Allow connecting via SSH with a custom private key and other, GH-277 . Add options to disable SSH connections, GH-279 .
0.9.805 Aug 2017 11:25 minor feature: error checking in the API, GH-234 . activity tab to support PG 9.x versions, GH-237 . Remember sort column and order for pagination, GH-240 . Use sslmode=disable for bookmarks without sslmode option, GH-244 . Javascript for IE9-11, GH-245 . Require confirmation for the disconnect, GH-246 . Clean the results table on manual disconnect.
0.9.705 Apr 2017 18:45 minor feature: in query base64-encoding, GH-186. rows pagination visibility, GH-190. with query order escaping, GH-191. invalid query selection for explain command, GH-198. with empty sidebar, now it shows empty state, GH-202. Added new flag --readonly to enable read only transaction mode, GH-193. Added ability to kill any running query, GH-194. Added session database connection locking, GH-195. Added ability to switch between databases, GH-196. Added feature to keep last selected tab when switching between tables, GH-197. Added new flag --bookmark (-b) to specify server connection from bookmark, GH-201.
0.9.620 Nov 2016 00:45 minor feature: in query base64-encoding, GH-186 . rows pagination visibility, GH-190 . with query order escaping, GH-191 . invalid query selection for explain command, GH-198 . with empty sidebar, now it shows empty state, GH-202 . Added new flag --readonly to enable read only transaction mode, GH-193 . Added ability to kill any running query, GH-194 . Added session database connection locking, GH-195 . Added ability to switch between databases, GH-196 . Added feature to keep last selected tab when switching between tables, GH-197 . Added new flag --bookmark (-b) to specify server connection from bookmark, GH-201.
0.9.503 Oct 2016 06:45 minor feature: Only view schema with USAGE privileges, GH-167 . broken export to CSV/JSON/XML if hashmark in URL, GH-175 . Added example service configuration for systemd, GH-177 . Allow setting auth user and pass using variables.
0.9.431 Jul 2016 02:45 minor feature: CSV/JSON/XML export buttons when pgweb is running with url pre GH-170 .
0.9.301 Jul 2016 19:25 minor feature: Use Go 1.6 for development, GH-155 . timestamp formatting in CSV export, GH-163 . Include PostgreSQL 9.6 for integration testing. Switch docker image to Alpine to reduce image size. Add support for ARMv5.
0.9.203 Mar 2016 07:05 minor feature: With unsafe base64 encoded sql queries. With session id not being included in multi-session mode. Visual with long table names in sidebar. Visual with a scrollbar in table information widget. With database connection form being reset by clicking on 'cancel' button. Adds ability to connection. Adds display message for number of affected rows for update/delete queries, GH-133 . Adds web server url preas a CLI option, GH-135.
0.9.126 Jan 2016 19:25 minor feature: With tables context menu. JS when query returns no rows. With switching between different connection modes. Adds AJAX timeout to 5s. Adds sidebar reload action on any CREATE/DROP action.
0.9.020 Jan 2016 15:05 minor feature: Adds support for multiple schemas. GH-112 . Adds support for native ssh tunnes. GH-114 . Adds materialized views to list of schema objects. Adds a few design tweaks and cleanups. with nil result set when fetching rows.
0.8.012 Jan 2016 10:25 minor feature: with bigint conversions in javascript. Now bigints are encoded as strings. GH-109 . Adds pagination and simple column filtering to table rows browser. GH-110 . Adds ability to use pgweb with multiple database sessions. GH-111 . Adds a few design tweaks and cleanups.
0.7.006 Jan 2016 10:25 minor feature: Adds sequences to the sidebar panel - GH-100 . Adds table constrains view - GH-104 . Adds ability to export table and query rows as JSON/XML - GH-107 . Updates to UI theme and SQL editor.
0.6.317 Aug 2015 04:25 minor feature: Adds PostgreSQL password escaping in web ui, GH-96 . Adds base64 query encoding for CSV export, GH-95 . Adds automatic saving of last executed query to localStorage. Adds request middleware to log incoming form params in debug mode.
0.6.217 Jul 2015 03:25 minor feature: Adds ability to specify connection strings prefixed by postgresql://, GH-92 . Updates configuration for Heroku, GH-89 , GH-90 . Updates postgresql library dependency to latest, GH-91 . Fixes password field to not display plaintext passwords, GH-87 .
0.6.121 Jun 2015 07:25 minor feature:
0.6.001 Jun 2015 17:25 minor feature: Adds ability to execute only selected SQL query in run command view, GH-85 . Adds ability to delete/truncate table via context meny on sidebar view. Adds ability to export table contents to CSV via context menu on sidebar view. Changes sidebar color scheme to a lighter and better looking one.
0.5.323 May 2015 23:05 major bugfix: Changes default server port from 8080 to 8081 to avoil conflict with RethinkDB. Changes styles for table rows and connection settings window. Adds highlighting styles for columns with sort order. Adds git sha into program version output. Add new endpoint /api/info to get build details.
0.5.214 Apr 2015 07:05 minor feature: Adds a new endpoint /activity that retuns active queries. Adds tab to view active queries. Adds column sorting when browsing table contents. Fixes SQL query view when switching to table structure view.
0.5.125 Feb 2015 02:05 minor bugfix: Upgrades Gin framework dependency to 0.5.0. Fixes server crash if another pgweb server is running.
0.5.016 Jan 2015 12:25 minor feature: Adds Go 1.4 support Adds connection string printing in debug mode Adds initial bookmarks support Adds /api prefix for all API calls Adds makefile usage task Adds windows CI to verify build process Adds example sql database to codebase Adds timestamped filenames when exporting results to CSV GH-75 Adds connection checking on each request to prevent api panics Adds timestamps to query history records Adds current database name to the sidebar Adds button to refresh tables list to the sidebar Updates all application dependencies Changes /api/info endpoint to /api/connection Fixes issues with connection string/options parsing Fixes capitalized column names in table view Fixes connection string validation in /api/connect endpoint
0.4.102 Dec 2014 15:05 minor feature: Adds pgweb version on start GH-65 Adds user detection from OS environment Adds simple memory profiles with --debug option Adds the session user and search path in connection info GH-67 Adds table list reloading after CREATE/DROP TABLE queries GH-69 Adds font awesome icons for the sidebar Removes query recording for internal queries GH-67 Fixes default sslmode. Its not longer set to "disable" Fixes cells cropping on table indexes view Fixes connection URL generation using web interface Fixes SQL statements for table row count GH-67 Fixes /tables JSON response if database does not have any tables
0.4.014 Nov 2014 10:45 major feature: Adds query escaping when exporting results to CSV. Adds keyboard shortcut (ctrl+e, command+e on mac) for query explain action. Adds HTTP basic authentication with --auth-user and --auth-pass flags. Adds -skip-open/-s flag to disable automatic browser launch. Adds --bind option to specify server listen hostname/ip. Adds ssl mode parameters to url if ssl flag is set and not defined in the url. Adds dependency management with Godep. Adds Docker support. Adds Heroku support. Adds ability to connect to databases with no tables. Adds precompiled assets into repository to simplify development. Adds a connection details view. Adds a new interface to specify connection settings or make a new connection. Adds page favicon. Adds ability to present cell data as text area by double clicking on it. Fixes styles for query explain results. Fixes sidebar navigation scrolling styles. Fixes sidebar table name styles to support long names.