Photoflow 0.2.8

The aim of the project is to provide a fully non-destructive photo retouching program with a complete workflow including RAW image development. Here is the general feature (wish)list: Fully non-destructive, layer-based photo editing workflow with realtime preview of the final image Support for 8-bits and 16-bits integer as well as 32-bits and 64-bits floating point precision, selectable at runtime and on a per-image basis Allows to load and edit images of arbitrary size, thanks to the underlying rendering engine based on the VIPS library Fully color managed workflow: user-defined input, work and output profiles, soft-proofing, etc... Support for layer grouping and layer masks Support for common photo editing tools: levels, curves, brightness-contrast control, blurring, sharpening, cropping, resizing, colorspace conversions, etc..., all implemented in the form of image layers

Tags multimedia raster-based graphics-conversion viewer c++ c
License GNU GPLv3
State prerelease

Recent Releases

0.2.827 Sep 2019 19:43 minor feature: New features: raw processing added fallback RAW decoding based on RawTherapee code. Used for example for opening floating-point DNGs not supported by RawSpeed film CLUTs added support for reading bundled gmic_film_cluts.gmz file plugin moved GIMP plugin to external project Added optional support for sidecar files. When exporting an image to TIFF or Jpeg format, the editing configuration is saved into a file named .tif.pfi or .jpg.pfi. Also, when opening an image named image.ext, the program looks for a sidecar file named image.pfi or image.ext.pfi (in this order) in the same folder. If a sidecar .pfi file is found it is opened instead of image.ext. The sidecar files functionality is disabled by default, and can be enabled via the settings dialog. Improvements: Re-worked the UI layout, now with a single left panel showing both the layers tree and the controls for the active tool. Masks editing is now also performed in the same panel. Various improvements and polishing of widgets layout Removed dependency on GExiv2. Code now only depends on Exiv2. A bundled 0.2.6 version is used if not found on the system. tools/raw processing reduced memory usage during RAW image loading tools/raw processing RAW decoding updated to current RawSpeed/DT git version (as of 2017-05-25) tools/raw processing added support for per-cahnnel black levels tools/lens corrections completed optical corrections support, now also included in the RAW processing module tools/lens corrections added support for fixed-lens camera (from Darktable) tools/crop added top/left handles and fixed handling of image boundaries gui replaced GTK idle callbacks with Glib::Dispatcher signals, and improved thread-safety gui added expander for grouping additional tool controls, like horizontal/vertical shifts gui added more keyboard shortcuts (layer copy/cut/paste/deletion) gui using vips_resize() for fit-to-screen scaling batch enable outputting of .PFI files build moved GMIC code into