Recent Releases

2.0.406 Sep 2018 10:45 minor bugfix: PICARD-803 - tagging "8½ Minutes" with "replace with non-ascii characters" results in a directory being created. PICARD-1216 - Does not display version information. PICARD-1267 - 2.0.0dev6 crash in demode on Windows April Update (1803). PICARD-1281 - Picard has wrong version string. PICARD-1294 - Crashes every time Picard connects to MB server. PICARD-1310 - Picard crashes on clearing log. PICARD-1318 - RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration. PICARD-1321 - CD drive selection not working on Linux. PICARD-1322 - Crash in options on "Restore defaults". PICARD-1323 - Restore defaults does not restore CAA types. PICARD-1324 - Default locale not working reliable. PICARD-1326 - Picard Save Changes 5.1 Mix Type. PICARD-1327 - Loading TAK files fails. PICARD-1328 - Loading OptimFROG files fails. PICARD-1329 - Picard fails saving ID3 tags with iTunNORM tag. PICARD-1331 - Picard crashes on error during plugin install.
2.0.311 Aug 2018 03:25 minor bugfix: PICARD-1122 - Preffered release type settings are exclusive and should be inclusive. PICARD-1207 - Move additional files feature fails when source directory contains non-ascii characters. PICARD-1247 - Not all "preserved" tags are preserved. PICARD-1305 - Search dialog crashes picard when record doesn't have an album. PICARD-1306 - picard crashes when opening the options dialog if the cwd doesn't exist. New Feature. PICARD-1289 - Allow manually running any tagger script. Improvement. PICARD-1292 - MusicBrainz Picard 2.01 64-bit for windows installs to "C: Program Files (x86)" by default. PICARD-1302 - Dropping an image from Google image crashes picard. PICARD-1303 - picard crashes when matching a cluster with a release with no tracks. PICARD-1304 - Info dialog for album crashes because track doesn't have a tracknumber. Regression. PICARD-259 - Make file-specific variables available to tagger script.
2.0.231 Jul 2018 03:15 minor bugfix: Sub-task PICARD-1296 - Code sign Picard for macOS. Task. PICARD-1301 - Use PyQT 5.10 for macOS. PICARD-342 - Picard is not properly signed for Mac OS X Gatekeeper. PICARD-1212 - Picard 2.0.0dev4 crashing at startup. PICARD-1300 - Picard crashes when logging lots of events.
2.0.123 Jul 2018 03:15 minor bugfix: PICARD-1283 - Fingerprinting not working on macOS in Picard 2.0. PICARD-1286 - Error creating SSL context on Windows. Improvement. PICARD-1290 - Improve slow start up times by moving to a non single file exe. PICARD-1291 - Use an installer for Picard 2.x windows exe.
2.019 Jul 2018 13:30 major feature: Python should now be at least version 3.5, PyQt 5.7 or newer and Mutagen should be 1.37 or newer. A side effect of this dependency bump is that Picard should look better and in general feel more responsive. The highlights of this update are: Retina and Hi-DPI display support, Improved performance, UI improvements.