Recent Releases

15.515 Mar 2018 14:05 minor bugfix: for #298: Allow trade after a road building development card. Use more modern helper libraries for the inline help. Minor code quality improvements.
15.429 Aug 2016 19:25 minor bugfix: New theme Nouvellia, by Brian Mansberger. rendering in ccFlickr theme. Improvements for the MinGW port. for #290: check for the winning condiation at the beginning of the turn. for #285part2: unplayable development card. Use the default about dialog. Framework change: replaced glib-gettextize by intltool. GTK+3 deprecation checks are turned off per default. Minor code quality improvements.
15.327 Oct 2014 15:25 cleanup: Relicense of the desktop icons to CC-BY-SA-4.0. The last version was ported from Gtk2 to Gtk3.