Recent Releases

308 Jul 2018 07:25 minor feature: Add note that pk-update-icon is no longer developed. Simplify PkuiBackend. Only show notification action if the update viewer executable exists. Exclude "." from tarballs. Update email address
223 Jun 2015 03:15 minor feature: Update German and Indonesian translations. Update and improve Czech translation. Avoid passing more arguments to g_strdup_printf() than specified in the format. Document configuration default values. Make the update viewer command configurable. Prevent calling g_source_remove() on an invalid source ID. Improve README file. Add NEWS file
117 Mar 2015 16:02 major feature: - Add missing function prototypes - Stylistic fixes - Add README file with build instructions and author information - Convert the manpage to DocBook V5.0 - Use pax to generate tarballs - Fix automatic dependency generation and improve portability
17 Mar 2015 15:58 minor feature: