Pomatez 1.6.4

Customizable rules - it allows you to modify the default Pomodoro configuration based on your personal preferences. Built-in task list - it allows you to create a simple list of todos and mark the items done when it's done. Full-screen breaks - once enabled, it will force you to not continue working during break time by occupying the whole screen of your desktop, but right now it doesn't support multiple monitors. Desktop notification - once enabled, you will get desktop notifications from time to time depending on the notification type you selected. Supported notification types are the following; None - no notification will be shown. default Normal - will show notification in every break. Extra - will show notification 60 seconds before the break starts, and 30s before the break ends, and the actual break starts. Special breaks - a special feature that enables you to set specific times to take important breaks like lunch, snack, dinner and etc.. without updating the Pomodoro configuration. Keyboard shortcuts - might be helpful for you depending on your use case but currently, these keyboard shortcuts are not yet customizable. Auto updates - the app will automatically check for updates and download them in the background. You will be notified when the update is ready to be installed. Always on top - once enabled, the app will always be on top of other apps running on your Operating System. Minimize to tray

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State stable

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1.6.407 Mar 2024 20:44 cleanup: * electron and tauri signing (release 1.6.3 was skipped) ( 6442717 (https://github.com/zidoro/pomatez/commit/64427172d5721f9384d0d7f5ebf26c8130938812))