Robust 6DoF Pose Estimation from 3D-2D Correspondences 1.0

Posest is a C/C++ GPL library for 3D pose estimation from point correspondences. Pose estimation refers to the computation of position and orientation estimates that fully define the posture of a rigid object in space (6 DoF in total). The computation is based on a set of known 3D points and their corresponding 2D projections on an image. Posest estimates the relative motion between the 3D points and the camera system; single or binocular camera systems are supported. Image points typically originate from local features, however posest is oblivious to their origin. Mismatched 3D-2D point pairs (i.e. outliers) are tolerated via robust regression techniques.

Tags artificial-intelligence mathematics c c++ console cross-platform
License GNU GPL
State stable

Recent Releases

1.022 Oct 2014 09:01 major feature: Initial public release.